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Back in 2017, I took a huge leap of faith and started my own business, Russtek Media, after leaving the Beer Store where I worked in many areas from customer service to management as well as organizing/running the Returns for Leukemia Bottle Drive. This is where I started my marketing journey.

I knew then that I was meant to serve and help others. At that time, it started in the way of helping customers and going that extra mile anyway I could. It got to the point where I loved trying new beers so much I was able to have a conversation with the customers and help them choose the best beer for them.

It got to the point where I was dubbed “The Beer Guy” at most of the stores in Windsor, ON and if I was in the back cooler loading I would get called up countless times a shift to help a customer that was looking to try a new beer. I loved that part of my job.

As a part-time and full-time customer service employee that was the one way I was able to serve the customers on a higher level.

When I moved on from the Beer Store and into the marketing world and started Russtek, I was brand new and no one knew me. This was something I wanted to change and I worked hard so I was able to serve a new audience at the highest level.

I went out and networked as much as I could, both in person and virtually and that’s where I started to learn about the 80/20 rule. This is where I was able to provide as much value as I could. I even went so far as to work for free so I would be able to establish myself with my target market as an expert.

This is something Russell talks about in the Expert Secrets book and what I want to share with you. This is my take on that journey and how it can help you. We talked about the Growth Stage when you first find that spark and realize what it is you want to do in order to serve your audience.

In that Growth Stage we also talk about becoming the reporter, the part of that stage where you learn as much as you can from the experts in your target market so that you can start to create your own Frameworks that you will use to serve your audience.

We followed the Growth Stage up with the beginning of the Contribution Stage and that is where we talked about creating your Frameworks.

The next step in the Contribution Stage is becoming a Servant.

This is where I was at when I first started and going out of my way, taking everything I had learned up to that point in my journey I started to serve my audience and I did that for free for a little while.

Russell talks about this in his book Expert Secrets. He wanted to become a high end coach but at that time, no one really knew who he was so asking someone to pay him $10k so he would be able to coach them, he would have been laughed at.

That’s why he started to serve his audience for free for a short time, this gave him the experience he needed as well as give him the opportunity to get his name out there and position himself as the expert.

The more he coached the better he got and that is why he’s able to charge $10k now as a coach.

For me, I was just learning about the marketing side of social media and still just learning how to effectively manage social media platforms organically so I would be able to help my clients grow. That’s why, when I first started I did exactly what Russell did. I worked for free so I was able to perfect what I was doing and become an expert.

I’m definitely not at the stage Russell is now in my journey but what I can offer is the book we have talked about in the last couple weeks, the book he uses for his coaching program where he is able to change $10k.

If you want $10k worth of coaching for free, I highly recommend you click the button below and get your copy of Expert Secrets. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Something Russell also talks about and does regularly, is over deliver. That’s what I want to do right now. Not only am I offering you a free copy of expert Secrets, i want to give you a free social media strategy. 

This is something you can use with Expert Secrets to start creating and providing value to your audience. All you have to do is click the links below and both our free strategy and free copy of Expert Secrets are yours!

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