From Stories to Frameworks

I can’t go on enough about how amazing Russell Brunson is and how much I have learned from him in the last few years.

After writing last week’s blog and talking about the Expert Secrets book, I had a good conversation with a connection I made on LinkedIn. We talked about the path he should take as he wants to learn about marketing and where he needed to start.

Talking to this connection there was no question that the first step he should take was to get Russell’s books. If you’re ready to make that leap and really want to learn about marketing, you can do this 2 ways. You can buy each book individually and depending on where you are, pay the shipping for each free book.

If you’re in Canada or anywhere else in the world that will be around $60. If you take the upsell and get the Trilogy all at once you get the bonus Unlock The Secrets book that doubles as a workbook and your own Framework when you’re done.

The next 2 steps I talked to him about was to start with the 5 Day Lead Challenge. This is a 5 Day Challenge designed to show you step by step, how you can create leads for your business. This challenge teaches everything you need to know about understanding your audience to driving traffic to get quality leads!

The next step is to make a tiny investment and take the One Funnel Away Challenge. For $100, this challenge is 30 days of the most in-depth training about marketing I have ever done and hands down the reason Russtek is doing so well.

The reason Russell is so great with the way he teaches is he breaks everything down for you and shows you exactly what you need. Just like in last week’s blog when I talked about The growth stage and going from having that spark to becoming the reporter, the next stage is to start creating your own Frameworks. This is something Russell goes in-depth with in the OFA Challenge.

Creating your Framework is where you become the expert in your field and are ready to share that with the world. Once you have gained enough knowledge from being “The Reporter”, doing that by  listening to podcasts, reading blogs and interviewing as many of your Dream 100 as you can, it’s time to take all that knowledge and make it your own.

Once again, this doesn’t mean copying what others are doing but modeling what they are doing and making it your own.

When creating your own Framework, first think about how you want to serve your audience and jot down on a whiteboard, in a notebook or on a paper everything you have learned when you were “The Reporter”.

This is your opportunity now to take everything you have learned as the reporter and start to craft your own ideas. Again we never copy what anyone else is doing but we model after them. We take what we have learned from others and make that into our own ideas and how we create our own frameworks.

Now that you have all of the ideas jotted down, all the points you will want to teach and use to serve your audience, start to organize them into categories.

This is the beginning of your framework and this is where you will be able to serve your audience on any and all platforms you are one.

Take this blog as an example. I take the frameworks I want to talk about and teach and then I break them down into categories. From there, I talk about that here, dive a little deeper on the Let’s Chat with Russtek podcast and then upload that on YouTube as well so I can reach a different and larger audience that is in my target market.

Now this just touches very briefly on creating frameworks and how you can use them to service your audience. Are you ready to dive deeper and learn from the best marketer in the world?

If so I have 2 free resources that will help with that. Click the button below to first get your free social media strategy and second, get your free copy of Russell’s Expert Secrets!

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