Avengers Assemble to help Batman Engage on Social Media? Let’s Chat About It!

It's Gonna be May!

Can you believe it’s May? Last month was a busy one but a good one, and I have definitely learned a lot as I dove deeper into some productivity systems as well as had great conversations around helping others grow on social media.

Those conversations are why I chose these 3 topics for this month’s newsletter!


Are you engaging on social media?

Let’s talk about using social media for your business.


When it comes to social media, people tend to overcomplicate things.


Still, after all these years, I find people are using bots or buying followers/lists, thinking that is the way to grow your platforms.


I have had many conversations about this and I explain it like this, your post is like a picture hanging on the wall in a public place. Now, if no one is there talking about it, not many people will see it.


If someone is in front of that picture and talking about it, the more people walking by will wonder what you’re talking about and join in.


Even more so, if you go out and start to engage with people, network, even more people will see that picture hanging on the wall.


It’s that simple…engage with your audience!


Do you agree?


Who here works from home? This topic is for you!

This will vary from person to person, but let’s chat about background noise/music as you work. Should you have background music?

Studies have shown that if you listen to music that have lyrics on in the background while you have headphones on, it interferes with our memories and the studies show we lose focus.

That said, if you work in complete silence, studies have shown that it’ll help you be slightly more productive. 

If you’re like me, I’m right in the middle, I now, after reading Ali Abdaal’s book Feel Good Productivity, listen to soundtracks like “The Avengers”, “Star Wars” and a few others that are all instrumental, but it makes the day more fun while still being productive. 

If you want to try the playlists I use, reply to this email and I’ll send you the link, as well I want to know what you listen too as your background music.

Click reply and let me know.

The Batman Effect!

Have you ever heard of “The Batman Effect”?


Yes, I’m a nerd and this was something I found intriguing, but it’s an actual study for those that struggle with Self Doubt.

In the Study, children were more likely to finish tasks they struggled with prior when they pretended to be a superhero like Batman. Just like when Bruce Wayne transformed into Batman, he never backed down from a challenge. 

Think about a task where you doubted yourself and had a hard time completing or think about something as scary as talking on a stage, would Batman struggle with that?


What hero would you be to overcome your self-doubt?


Being the tech nerd that I am, I’d have to go with Ironman!

This Month's Quote:

“I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.”


– Unknown

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