Have you ever burnt out?

This week’s blog we’re going to be a little more personal instead of a business or social media related blog post.

This week I want to talk to you about burning out. A couple Friday’s ago we posted a podcast about burning out as I was starting to get to that point and felt it all last week. I was sluggish and tired all week, couldn’t get up in the morning when I wanted to and was falling asleep very early at night. As well it was brought up in a social media Facebook group that I’m apart of so I felt it was a perfect time to talk about this.

Burning out is something I have done once before in the past, not just being tired, actually burning out. You feel like you can’t get out of be bed, you have no motivation and you struggle with simple day to day tasks.

I was at that point this past week. I made sure to get my clients work done and what needed to get done but I struggled with the day to day work and getting all the extras done that I normally do.

How do you know if you’re burning out?

For me it’s something that builds up. I was getting very busy in the last couple months helping my amazing clients and those that know me, know I love to make sure everyone is happy and look after others before myself.

I was still getting up at my normal time of 5am and starting my routine but I started to notice I was working later into the evenings and I was working on Sunday’s that I usually try to take off. With working that much and not having a full day off for me like I usually like to do I was getting more tired each day. It was a week ago Saturday that I struggled getting out of bed and was getting sick.

For me that’s the start of burning out. Sadly, I had that feeling all week. It wasn’t until this past Easter Sunday with family that I took the day off other than a coupe emails that were handled in a short time and I took the day off.

Going forward I know what I need to do, and I will work towards being more aware of my body and mind and taking care, so I don’t get to this point again, so I can better serve my amazing clients!

We want to know, have you ever burnt out?

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