Are you using LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential???

There are a lot of people that have a LinkedIn profile and have had it for many years. Most people have signed up to create an online “resume” and left it at that.

LinkedIn has come a long way since it was first introduced and is much more than just an online resume. It’s an amazing online tool to help you network online with other businesses, CEO’s, potential clients and influencers.

How is it different than Facebook or any other social media site?

With a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram it’s all about being social and you are able to post whatever you like. Now, that doesn’t mean you should because you don’t want to post something that will damage your brand. With LinkedIn however, it’s much more professional. With LinkedIn you want to post great professional content that your potential clients will see and interact with.

There is also an option to post articles. This is great way to post and share your professional blog. You can have a great image and link to your blog in a post but having your actual blog post up as an article looks a lot better on your profile. The better your profile, the more possible connections you will make.

How complete is your profile?

The more complete your profile, the better chance you have at connecting with people and making lasting relationships. It all starts with a professional looking headshot, a great cover photo, and a fully filled out page from endorsements, to articles, to recommendations.

Once you have a profile that is full of great keywords, your headshot, cover photo, etc. you can start connecting with others.

Sign up to our Let’s Learn webinar series and I will let you in on all our secrets so you can use LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential. I will show you how to build your profile and how to connect with people and create long lasting relationships that will help grow your business.

Let’s Learn!

Nick Russell



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