Are you using the right vehicle to reach your goals?

When I left the Beer Store back in 2016, I set a goal for myself to do something I loved. I wanted to do something that was meaningful and something that would make a change. 

At first, even though I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to get there. Thankfully I had a few friends in the city that would introduce me to some amazing people and in turn, not only help me grow but also help set up systems to reach my goals.

Something I started to love instantly was going out and networking, and that’s when a good friend and business owner, Frank Abbruzzese, came along.

Frank, along with a partner Joe, had been running networking events for years called the Windsor Circle. Although I had been to one event years prior to leaving the Beer Store, it was great to get back into networking and having Frank start introducing me to some amazing people.

After all, that made getting started in my entrepreneurial journey, finding a coach and starting to create systems that much easier and definitely a lot faster.

Something I learned early on, when I read Expert Secrets, was to find out what the goal of my audience was and determine the “vehicle” they were using to reach that goal.

For me, I have many different goals and to get there I have different vehicles to achieve them. For example, in order to generate leads the vehicles I could use are social media, email marketing, funnels and so on.

Looking back, the vehicle I used in order to start my business was networking. That’s how I got myself out in the community when I started my business to help local clients. Now, I use a few different vehicles in order to reach my networking goals, such as LinkedIn and email marketing with funnels and lead magnets.

I also have productivity goals and when helping other entrepreneurs with that, tools like ToDoist and my Rocketbook are great “vehicles” to reach those goals.

Think about what you use now in order to reach your goals. Did you instantly know how to reach your goals, or did you have help in finding a way to get there?

When setting your goals, if that’s generating leads, growing a following with your dream audience, becoming more productive and more organized or anything else, you first need to come up with a plan.

Let’s take a look at reaching your dream audience. You first need to know where they hang out online before you can start to create a strategy around reaching them.

Once you know where they are, you can choose different vehicles in order to reach them and get the results you want. Everyone has a different goal and different ways to get there. It all comes down to what you want to achieve.

Reading about that first in Expert Secrets really changed the way I saw marketing as well as being an entrepreneur and how to reach all my goals in both business and in my own life. That’s how powerful Russell is with what he teaches. There’s a reason why he uses Expert Secrets as his framework to coach his own clients and charge them $10k.

Learning those frameworks and being able to create my own from there was game changing.

That’s why, now, I’m at that point where I can use my frameworks to help you grow.,

Let’s have a conversation to see if I can help you in your entrepreneurial journey, just click the link below to get started!

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