How many emails do you get a day???

If you’re like me and I’m sure you are, you get a ton of emails a day and a lot of them are from a newsletter you opted in for. Could be from a retail store or another company that you wanted to do business with, but you’re still getting all these emails.

With all of these emails, how do you stand out sending yours?

It’s funny, most emails I get are getting flashier and loaded with graphics and images but have absolutely no content at all. Even the first few we sent out had a few images to promote an event or whatever ever it was we were doing but getting no traction.

Once I read DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson, he talked about the Soap Opera series of emails. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a series of emails, 1 a day for 5 days that reads like a soap opera. I stared one right after reading about it and started to notice my open rates growing. Still not what I was hoping for but a lot better than a flashy email.

How can I get even more people to open and reply to my emails?

After talking to our friend Nichole from AIM Social Media Marketing, she told us about the 9 word email. It’s as simple as it sounds. A short, simple email with just 9 words…that’s it. When I sent my first email I had no hope to be honest, I thought it was going to be another email that would be sent to the trash.

Was I ever wrong. Not only was my open rates going threw the roof but I was getting replies to each email I sent and the more I sent, the more replies I was getting.

A marketer was saying that, there is no way that’s a good email and that emails need more images and graphics and they need to be flashy to get a good response. That’s not the case at all, a simple email with a great subject line is all you need.

What would you rather open, a simple email or a flashy email?

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