What Mobile OS do you use?

I could go into all the chooses for hardware but you will be here all day reading this and no one wants that so we will focus on just the OS.

After the downward spiral from BlackBerry there have been several major companies leaving and switching to Apple as a company phone. For a company that has all Mac computers this is a great idea because there is no company that does connectivity between devices like Apple. Many have tried and have some decent solutions but nothing I have found has matched Apple.

For a home user Apple is great for people that like multimedia and a secure phone. The camera, and editing software apple has is also unmatched. If you’re looking for a phone just to play with and download as many apps as you want then Android is great.

Android OS is the most customizable OS out there and for the tech savvy users you can dual boot your phone with another OS such as Lynux. When it comes to the Android OS however you have a pick of phones that you can choose from and now even BlackBerry has stopped doing its own OS and modified the Android OS to be more secure.

Myself, having used an old Palm OS called webOS, then moving to BlackBerry OS then to BlackBerry 10 OS and most recently to Android I have had my fare share of experience in devices and OS’s.

Using now a BlackBerry phone with a secured Android OS I can’t see myself going to any other OS. With it’s customization, security and the BlackBerry features from BlackBerry 10 to make it one of the most productive phones I have used it’s an all-around workhorse.

Lets us know, what phone do you use? What do you like about it the most?

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