For those of you that follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s social media channels you know he loves to motivate and push people to do better and work harder. From his days in WWE to his career now in movies he is known for being one of the hardest workers around. If you have read his book you know that he was in trouble as a teen and during his football career in the CFL he was very poor.

He knew he could do better and be better. Having family in the wrestling world he got his shot. He started to wrestle and at the start of his career the owner of the WWE Vince McMahon didn’t think he would last and it wasn’t what he wanted for his show and “The Rock” was almost cut and let go from the company.

Dwayne’s work ethic was just as good back then and he worked hard to turn his wrestling career around and because of that work ethic he became the superstar that he is today.

Recently on his Instagram account Dwayne posted a quote, “Blood, Sweat, Respect. The first two you give. The last one you earn.” The second I saw this I fell in love with it. This is something I want to live by everyday, both personal and professional. Put in the work day in and day out and the respect will come.

What is your favorite quote? What is a moto that you live by? Or are you like us and are a fan of The Rock and love his quote? Tell us what you think and let’s strike up a conversation.

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