My BlackBerry is my assistant?

One thing I have always prided myself in, is not following the crowd. This couldn’t be truer with it comes to my phone. I have never conformed to the trends and got a phone just because it was cool. I have always wanted a phone that will a productivity tool. From my first Windows mobile smartphone, to my Palm Pre and the many BlackBerry’s I’ve had from the Bold 9900 to my brand new KEY2.

So why BlackBerry?

For starters, at networking events it’s a conversation starter as it’s so different form anything out on the market today. How often do you see a phone that has a physical keyboard?

The fact that my BlackBerry stands out in a crowd isn’t the reason I have stuck with them all these years, it’s for the fact that it’s a productivity powerhouse. It’s an assistant I can take with me wherever I go.

For starters, with Android being an open source operating system, BlackBerry has made their Android devices the most secure devices with security embedded into the chipset as well as with the Dtek app. With Dtek, you can monitor your phone and control every aspect of the device making sure that only that apps you want to have permissions, do. The Dtek app scans your device, so you will always know that your device is safe.

Next, with each key on the keyboard, you are able to set it as a short cut to anything from opening apps to performing a function like composing an email. That’s just the start to why the KEY2 is by far the most productive smartphone on the market. With either a short or long press, each key can have 2 functions. Or, you can use the keyboard to just start typing from anywhere to search your phone or the net for anything you need.

With the first new key on a BlackBerry, they have introduced the “Speed Key”. This is a key that you can use to switch between apps even while you’re in an app. On other phones, you would have to minimise an app, then open another one. When you’re busy, this is valuable time you are wasting even if it is only a few seconds.

One of my favorite features that my BlackBerry has is the productivity tab. This is a tab on the side of the phone that you can swipe open at anytime no matter if you’re in an app or not. With this tab you can view your schedule, you’re the Hub…something I will talk about in a second and any widget you want. Once of the best ways to stay productive.

Now, let’s talk about the Hub I just mentioned. The Hub is a one stop shop for all your accounts and notifications. In this one app you can see all your texts, messages from other apps, emails and social media notifications. There is no need to open a dozen apps just to see what notifications you have. It’s all in one spot.

I know this phone isn’t for everyone, but I have one right now, in my hands that I will be giving away for free!

On August 13th, I will be hosting a networking event for anyone that wants to come and at some point, during the event I will be raffling off a band new KEY2 LE.

Want to know more about this event? Just click the button below to get your tickets and be sure to check out our Facebook event for more details!

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