Do you have a strategy to climb ladders?

When I first read Dotcom Secrets I was blown away hearing about the “Value Ladder” and what Russell Brunson was teaching everyone who read the book. Having a value Ladder can completely change your business.

After all, everything I’ve learned from Russell and not only Dotcom Secrets but Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets is how I’ve developed my strategies.

What is the value ladder?

Think about the last time you had to go into a chiropractor to get an adjustment, you went in, paid for the adjustment and walked out. That’s it. Most chiropractors I know don’t have a value ladder and when it comes to the big picture, they are throwing a lot of money away.

Think about the story I told you in last week’s blog when I talked about selling you one of my BlackBerry’s. If you haven’t read that, you can click here to read it, but the whole idea was to take the perceived value of one of my BlackBerry’s and make it greater.

That’s essentially what you’re doing in your value ladder for your whole business. If you went into your chiropractors office to get an adjustment, whether that was because you saw an ad, they were just in your neighbourhood or if they offered you the first adjustment free, they got you in the door.

If you’re someone like me that has a bad back (I’m old, slugged cases of beer for way too long, and play baseball with kids 10 years younger than me) you’ll need to go in a lot more than once to get your back to feeling 100%.

If my chiropractor offered me something else that complimented the first offer, that would for sure keep me coming back. That could be a monthly fee I pay for a set number of adjustments. That fee would be a lot cheaper than having to pay for each visit but I’m now turning into a long term customer.

After that, I could be offered a different package that has massages worked into the price as well that would save me from having to go to a separate place and again, keeps me coming back and keeps me as a long time customer.

It’s that simple, you offer something small or for free to get people in the door, depending on your industry. From there you offer something else that will compliment the first offer that will be a little more money. This will also be more valuable and you keep going up the list with different offers until you have your dream customer paying for your ultimate goal you want for them.

Let’s take Russell Brunson as another example and something you can do with an online business selling a digital product.

I’m sure you have seen me talk about the One Funnel Away Challenge and how that is a great way to learn everything you need to know about not only creating your own funnel but how to market that offer and how to market your business in general.

Taking the OFA is a great offer and something Russell should charge $1000 for but it only costs $100. The issue is, if you have never heard of Russell or ClickFunnels the chances of you taking a $100 month long challenge is slim.

That’s why he has a value ladder for that offer as a way to show you how much of an expert he is and have you work your way up the ladder, providing more value at each step of the process.

First he offers a free week long challenge, he calls the 5 Day Lead Challenge. This is a week long training where he shows you how to get leads using funnels as well as how to get traffic to those funnels from social media.

From there, the second step in his value ladder is the OFA Challenge. Now that you have spent a week with Russell and can see the kind of value he can offer you, the chances you take the OFA Challenge are far greater. 

From there he’ll offer an even bigger training program and ultimately he’ll try to get you to his ultimate goal of that value ladder and work to sell you tickets to his Funnel Hacking Live entrepreneur event. The goal I have for 2023.

Do you have a value ladder in your business? Reading this, have you thought about new ideas you can create to make a value ladder if you don’t have one?

Again this is just a small part to what Russell teaches in his books and this one in particular, in Dotcom Secrets.

If you want to really dive into the Value Ladder and how that can help you get more leads and more customers in your business long term, make sure you get your free copy of his book, Dotcom Secrets!

WAIT!!!! Before you click away, I have one more thing for you!

All of this in today’s blog as well as what I talked about in last week’s blog is all part of an overall strategy.

That’s something I want to share with you and give you for free!

Like I said at the beginning, everything I’ve learned from Russell has helped me create strategies that I not only use in my business but for all my clients as well. 

Is that strategy something you’re curious about?

If so, all you have to do is click below and you’ll get a social media strategy absolutely free!!!

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