What do BlackBerry phones have to do with marketing?

I can’t believe BlackBerry is dead! That’s right, January 4th of this year, all BlackBerry phones that ran either the original BlackBerry OS or BB10 will stop working! Even worse, a deal with Onward Mobility fell through so that’s the end of BlackBerry in the way of mobile phones.

Unfortunately, just over a year ago my old daily driver, my KEY2 broke. That’s not to say you can’t stil get one but with old hardware and an Android OS that will soon not be supported, they are dead. 

When my KEY2 died, my contract wasn’t up, so it was cheaper to get the Samsung Galaxy S20FE rather than a new KEY2. The downside is I don’t have a physical keyboard but this does have better specs than a lot of phones out there so I’m happy with it. I was a BlackBerry guy through and through but with this S20FE, my Galaxy Watch 4, My Galaxy Tab A7 (Now my Smart Home Hub) and my Galaxy Buds Live I’m a Samsung guy all the way!

You’ve seen that in a lot of my personal posts and if you have seen my podcast on YouTube, you will see my very first BlackBerry Bold 9900 and my Last BlackBerry, my KEY2 taken apart and in shadow boxes on display in my office.

Why does that matter, and why am I talking about that now in this blog? I got you intrigued and curious, didn’t I? Well, I hope so, at least. Trust me, this does get better.

That was my “Hook” for this blog, and hopefully it peaked your interest and will hopefully make you curious about what I have to say here.

When I first heard Russell Brunson’s concept about the “Hook, Story, Offer” I was instantly hooked on the idea….see what I did there. Ok, that was bad, I know. Anyway, it was such a cool way to not only create content but write blogs, use it in a podcast and so much more.

The idea made it easy to write my blogs since I wasn’t a writer, and this concept has stayed with me since the first time I read Dotcom Secrets.

The huge benefit to using this method is the ability to first relate to your audience and tell them something about you, a little story that will tie into the value you want to provide them and then ultimately what offer you have for your audience.

Like I’ve said before in previous blogs, social media is all about being social and the Hook, Story, Offer secret is no different. As an example, I want to touch on something Russell talks about in the book and something I have used as well but instead of his example of an iPhone, I have used my BlackBerry’s in the past.

With everything that went on with BlackBerry, the chances of me selling you any of my old BlackBerry’s is very slim. Who wants a phone that has a physical keyboard and a much smaller screen than anything else on the market?

BlackBerry’s just aren’t in demand at all and the market for people wanting a BlackBerry is very slim….VERY slim.

I’m sure a lot of you reading this now are sick of seeing what I used to post about my KEY2, KEYone and all the other BlackBerry’s I’ve had in the past.

The BlackBerry as is, doesn’t have a lot of value and not much to offer a newer audience.

That said, what if I told you that when I sell you one of my BlackBerry’s, I won’t wipe it clean and everything on there is yours along with the actual phone?

Now what if I said I had the contact information for some of the best marketers in the world, including Russell Brunson on my phone and when you buy my phone you have the ability to text them and tell them I referred you. Would you buy it then?

How about this, what if I told you I have thousands of dollars worth of courses on my phone and each and every course is now yours once you buy my KEY2?

To top it off, I have my full social media and digital marketing strategies on the phone and all you have to do is plug and play those strategies into your business to help you start growing a following and more importantly, your email list.

Let’s recap, if you buy my KEY2 you have access to some of the best marketers in the world as well as over a thousand dollars worth of marketing and entrepreneur courses that will help you grow and scale your business like never before and to top it off, all my strategies.

That’s’ still not it, I want to make sure when you buy my KEY2 you have everything you need and I want to make this the most valuable phone you have ever bought.

What if I told you I have a program on there that was developed by Russell and one of his partners Jim Edwards called Funnel Scripts. Funnel Scripts is a copy writing tool that gives you copy for anything you could possibly want. 

If you want to create Facebook Ads, Sales Letters, Podcast interview questions…anything you can think of. All  you have to do is answer a couple questions and this program will give you an entire script that is made just for you. 

That program cost me $797US and I can tell you that it paid for itself in a matter of weeks.

So to recap again, if you buy my KEY2 you have access to the best marketers in the world…that’s priceless, you have access to thousands of dollars worth of marketing and entrepreneur courses, all of my strategies that are worth thousands and to top it off, you’ll have the funnel scripts software.

If I stood in front of you and an audience of people and took bids on my KEY2 starting at $1000, would you pay that? How about $2000? $3000? More?

What I just did there was make you relate with me and why I love BlackBerry. I took the perceived value of the KEY2 and made it much greater with an irresistible offer and I used the offer stack method. 

That’s a way you can use in just about anything you do in order to post content, blogs, articles, videos…anything. Just keep in mind, you want to follow the 80/20 and provide more value than you do offer. Not everything you do has to have an offer attached to it.

Speaking about offers, what if I told you that you didn’t need to buy an old BlackBerry phone to get a social media strategy?

Right now, all you have to do is click the button below and I’ll give you a free social media strategy delivered right to your inbox. No hooks, no catch, just a free social media strategy!

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Get the value right from the source and the best part is it’s free!

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