Social Media comes down to one thing…Being Social!

I always find this funny, everyone I talk to wants to have a huge marketing strategy and wants the world from social media. The more they dive into what they want, the more they feel it’s too complicated and they feel they can’t do it alone.

I’ll tell you a secret, social media is all about being social…that’s it! It’s that simple.

Well maybe a touch more but when it comes down to it, it’s all about being social.

When you start marketing to your audience though, you have to know who your audience is first. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is they tend to post content they like and it’s to a large audience that may or may not contain their own target audience.

You have to start by asking yourself a few questions first when you start to create your strategy, ask yourself this…

Who are my dream clients?

Before you start anything, this is the question you need to ask yourself. If you’re selling a BlackBerry, (Yes the phone), you won’t market to a younger audience that wants to use their phone to game on or make Tik Toks.

If you’re selling a BlackBerry however, you might want to look at a bit of an older audience, someone that has had them in the past and loved them and someone that might be more of a professional that needs to send a lot of emails/messages on the go.

Once you know who your dream clients are, the rest start to fall into place easily.

As silly as this next step might be, this exercise I’m about to share is something Russell Brunson taught me in his Dotcom Secrets book and it was a game changer when I first started.

Let’s talk about what your dream client looks like.

Think about who your dream client is. I want you to close your eyes and picture your dream client right now. Can you see them?

Now think about what your dream client likes to do. Do they like to fish? Do they enjoy fine wine or are they more of a craft beer lover? Are they into sports? What sports and what teams do they like?

Start writing all of this down and when you’re finished, head to google and search for an image of a person with the name you picked for your dream client. The name can be fictional or actually someone you know, either way search for that image and print it out.

Use that image with all of the details you wrote down and print it all out together. Having this is a great way to visualize who your dream client is as you start to find where they hangout online.

This was something I had up on my wall for a long time and still have it tucked away in my desk at the top of my drawer. Something I can and do look at often.

Let’s find out where your dream client hangs out.

If you want to sell a product or a service, you want to make sure you’re reaching out to the right audience. That could be a specific group of people or that could be a specific location.

If you’re a retail store and want to sell something that’s specific to your area, you’re not going to want to waste time marketing to a location that’s hundreds of kilometers away. (Or miles for my American friends).

Think about when you were in high school. That might not have been a fun time for most, I know it wasn’t for me but if you think about it, back then everyone was in a different group or clique of friends that all hung out together.

As an example, in the mornings, I would catch an early bus to school and meet my friends near our lockers to play cards while having far too many of the freshly made cookies from the cafeteria. 

For my group of friends, we played 2 things. Since I didn’t know how to play euchre (yes I know, I know), we played a card game called A-Hole or we played the Star Wars customizable card game. That was very similar to Magic the Gathering but based in the Star Wars universe.

For this example I’ll use the Star Wars game we played.

Back then we didn’t have Facebook but we did have online forums we would chat in and since we were huge fans of the Star Wars card game, we were always in the forums that talked about the cards and how to build the best decks in order to beat the other players we were up against.

Comic shops and game shops would also be in these groups talking about the new packs they just got or a rare card that came in and that was the perfect spot for them to market to us.

They knew everyone in these forums would want a new deck of cards or a certain rare card so as soon as they posted in the forum, a group of us would rush down to the store.

That is basically what we are all trying to do now. Only difference is there are a lot more platforms and it’s a lot easier to find your audience with Facebook Groups and or LinkedIn groups. Not only those platforms, using hashtags that your target audience are using is a perfect way to find them on platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Before you start to look for your dream customers online ask yourself these questions…

What websites do they like to visit?

What social media platforms are they using?

What blogs do they read, if any?

What podcasts are they listening to?

What emails are they subscribed to?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself to figure out who and where your dream customers are hanging out.

With all that I talked about here today, do you know who your dream customers are? Can you find them online and deliver your message to them and provide them with value?

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That sound good?

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