From Tik Tok going away to Funnels, what does that mean for you?

Be honest, how much fun do you have on Tik Tok?

I’ll warn you, if you want to see the worst dancing ever and someone that has zero rhythm you’re welcome to check out my personal Tik Tok. You’ve been warned.

On a more serious note, when it comes to Tik Tok, it’s a do as I say not as I do type of scenario because it’s still the fastest growing platform out there and an incredible tool to get traffic to whatever offer, funnel or website you want to.

For me, I still need that place where I can let loose, have some fun and be myself even though I can’t dance. That’s my outlet away from all the other social media platforms to unwind after a long day of working.

However, the platform is once again coming under fire in the US and is being threatened to get banned. This time it’s the FCC that’s calling for both Apple and Google to remove the app from their app stores citing a security risk.

They claim that the developer, ByteDance, a company in China, can and has been accessing user data but it’s been proven that’s not true and the data is actually stored in both the US and in Singapore, not in China.

Either way, this blog isn’t about Tik Tok itself but the fact that at any point in time, any of the social media platforms we use can vanish without warning. 

We’ve talked about that in the past, many times and how all the Meta platforms have gone down for hours and even days at a time.

If this does happen to the platform you have the biggest platform, and to be clear, I don’t see it happening anytime soon, what would you do? Hopefully if this does happen, you have an email list that you can fall back on and use to start growing a following on a different platform.

Why email though? Why not continue on multiple social media platforms? Your email list is the only traffic that you own. 

Using your email list will give you the boost you need to grow on a new platform so you can start to provide value to a new audience. It’ll also make it easier for those that used to follow you and aren’t on your email list to find you again.

This comes back around full circle to what I’ve been talking about the last few weeks, funnels.. Don’t get me wrong, social media is an extremely powerful tool to drive traffic to a funnel, website or whatever it is you need to get your audience too but you need a funnel to grow your list. 

It’s something we all need to be using and continue to provide value on but all of that should be directed to growing an email list. The way I like to do that is to provide value to you, my audience and grow my list using funnels. 

That’s why I want to help you get your first funnel absolutely free. How am I going to do that?

First things first, I want to give you the software that I use, ClickFunnels free for the first 14 days. This gives you a huge head start and the ability to not only start collecting leads but to also start making money with your offer.

The second thing I want to do to help is to make your first funnel for you. I want to make your first funnel…for free.

So you’re going to get the ability to start collecting leads, grow your email list and get people into your offers for free for the first 14 days and even better, I’m the one that will do all the work for you and make your first funnel for free.

If that sounds good to you, all you need to do is click the button below!

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