Are you a fan of the show, Seinfeld?

I want to start by saying if you’re not a fan of Seinfeld….how are we friends? 

All kidding aside, have you seen the show and remember what it was about? Nothing right?

It’s crazy to think a show about nothing was so well liked, so well done and is still memorable to this day. It was done so well that we can use that in our businesses to build relationships with our audience. Crazy right?

In the past, we’ve talked about the Attractive Character and the Follow up Funnel – Soap Opera Series, and this is just the next step in showing you, not only how funnels can work but what happens after the funnel to keep building on those relationships.

Once you have your follow up funnel setup or the soap opera series, you will start to see who stays and who goes from that list. That’s just another way for you to qualify your leads. Now comes the fun part, the Seinfeld Sequence.

Now, Russell talks about doing this daily, but we know that’s a lot of work to keep up and create an email every day and depending on your audience, that might be too many emails and you could potentially lose leads.

You know your audience best and can come up with a strategy around when you want to send these emails and how often but no matter when you send them to your audience, one thing is clear…these emails will be about “nothing”.

Ok, maybe not about nothing but in the “series” of emails you send that are either daily, weekly or even monthly, the overall theme will be about nothing.

What’s great about these emails is you can tell a story about your attractive character and maybe include some real-life, daily experiences in there that will help bring your audience’s attention to whatever it is you want them to know about.

For example, you might be offering training on an email marketing course and with something that happened to you recently like a trip to the store or watching baseball or anything else for that matter, at the end of the email, you can tease about how you have this course and it’s something your audience could benefit from.

The main point to these emails is that they are random and generally about nothing and something you can use to build a relationship with your audience.

Now, you definitely don’t have to attach an offer to every email and if you do want them to be daily, something to remember is the 80/20 rule but use this as a way to stay engaged with your audience.

Think about it as social media but you’re sending them the “post” to their inbox.

Like I said last week, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using funnels and email marketing. That’s why for a short time, I want to help you get started.

I want to make sure that you have all the tools you need and that’s why I’m offering you 14 days of ClickFunnels absolutely free. That’s why, the world’s best and easiest funnel builder is free for 14 days.

Now I could stop there but I know how hard it was for me to learn how to use the software (as easy as it is) when I started so I want to take care of you. I’m going to build your first funnel absolutely free. 

I’m going to build you a funnel that you can use to start generating quality leads in your business, absolutely free.

That sound good?

This is going to be a very limited time offer so if  you want your free funnel before it’s gone, just click the button below!

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