What’s a funnel and how does it work?

I remember buying Dotcom Secrets for the first time! Way back in 2017, I first heard about Russell Brunson through some marketing friends and I was introduced to his event Funnel Hacking Live. 

I remember seeing all the content being made by so many people, both close to home and all over the world. It was mind blowing the following Russell had and after seeing his energy, I knew why.

Not having been to a Funnel Hacking Live myself, I was hooked just seeing the small bits that were live streamed on all of ClickFunnels and Russell’s platforms. That was enough to get me hooked and want more.

Shortly after I was introduced to the Funnel Hacking community, I saw an ad on Facebook for Russell’s first book, Dotcom Secrets. Clearly I had been on Russell’s website as well as clicked on another funnel and was targeted but that’s a good thing.

I clicked on the Dotcom Secrets funnel and after seeing the Video Sales Letter (VSL) he had and seeing the book was free plus shipping, that was a no brainer for me.

The issue however, I wasn’t a big reader back then at all. I hated reading and one book would take me months to get all the way through. I was like that in school and it wasn’t until my late 20’s, early 30’s that I slowly got into reading comic books again. 

What was I thinking? Why did I buy this book? It’s not like there was a story in the book that had a hero like Luke Skywalker trying to save the universe. This was a book about funnels and how to find your audience. This was a “business book”. Ok maybe, there is a very stories that have a hero but that’s a topic for another day.

Dotcom Secrets sat on my shelf for a little over a year after that, collecting dust with a couple other books and the comics I had finished. 

I would see it, get some motivation and think…Today is the Day! I’m going to start reading and actually put my mind to it!

A couple more months went by and still nothing!

Now if I had gone through Russell’s funnel and saw the upsell for the audio book that might have changed the game for me but it wasn’t until it was suggested by a friend, I try Audible that I really got into reading. 

I started my account, started to listen to the book as well as read along with the audio track…Game changer! I was now buying and reading books weekly and have even gone back to read Dotcom Secrets multiple times.

Why is this book so important though?

This is the book that sets everything up for you as a marketer. It could be, you wanting to just learn how to market your business on your own or you could want to become a marketer yourself and need something to get you started on how you can do that for others.

More importantly, this is the book that Russell dives into how funnels work and the different types of funnels you can use for different areas of your business or offers.

This is where I want to start the next set of content I have planned. When it comes to funnels, you’ll be seeing a lot of this coming up.

Making a funnel, collecting leads and getting your audience to ascend up your value ladder is just the tip of the iceberg. That’s why we’re going to talk about the seven stages of a funnel.

Phase 1 – Traffic Temperature

When it comes to your funnel, you have to first understand who you’re sending your funnel to. There are 3 types of traffic: Hot, Warm or Cold traffic. You won’t have the same messaging to hot traffic as you would cold, right?

This means, Cold traffic is an audience that has no idea who you are and making your way to Hot traffic, they know who you are and love you. The Warm traffic is right in the middle.

Phase 2 – Set up the pre-frame bridge

Once you know what traffic you’re sending your funnel into, this is where your messaging comes in. You have to pre-frame your messaging for each type of traffic.

That’s something we talked about in our blog about the Epiphany Bridge Script.

Phase 3 – Qualify Subscribers

Think about all the funnels or even websites you’ve visited. Now think about how often someone asks for your email, knowing that you will be added to a list. How often do you say no, for example if you’re shopping at a retail store and they ask for your email, knowing all too well that you will be spammed?

This is the phase where you can qualify your subscribers to see who just wants something for free and who is there to learn from you and continue to receive the value you give.

Phase 4 – Qualify Buyers

This is the next step, you have their email address and they have your front end offer, typically a free lead magnet. Who is willing to take you up on your first upsell and give you their credit card?

Phase 5 – Identify Hyperactive Buyers

These are the buyers that are ready to ascend up your value ladder, they are willing to spend money knowing that you can solve any problems they have. 

Phase 6 – Age and Ascend the Relationship

Now that you have their contact info, this is where you start to build a relationship with your customers.

Phase 7 – Change the Selling Environment

In this last step, how can you take your customers up your value ladder and outside of your online funnels?

This is just the beginning when it comes to building your funnel and making sure you reach your audience. The next step is the follow up. 

Having a funnel is an amazing tool to grow your audience and really reach them so that you can help solve their problems while building relationships. This is how you generate quality leads in your business.

With all that we talked about here, I want to help you do the same and to do that I’m going to offer you 2 things. First, I want you to have the software and tools needed for all of this so I’m giving you 14 days of ClickFunnels for free.

On top of that, I will build you your first funnel. That’s right, you’ll get your first funnel free and a ClickFunnels account free for 14 days so you start generating leads and growing your email list long before you have to pay a dime. 

If that sounds good, all you have to do is click the button below and we’ll get started!

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