How do you post to social media?

Just the other week I had a conversation with a friend and we talked about both Facebook and Instagram and about how they started to see their numbers drop.

Because of that trend, they wanted to stop scheduling posts and start to post manually because they heard the scheduler they were using was stopping the posts from being seen. Could that be true?

When it comes to scheduling out your content, there are many ways to schedule your posts to multiple platforms such as Loomly, Hootsuite, Buffer, Postfity, TweetDeck, Facebook Creator Studio and many more.

The one misconception is that if you use these third-party schedulers, aside from Facebook Creator Studio, they won’t rank your posts like they would if you posted manually and the algorithm will hide those posts. That’s exactly what my friend had heard and because of that wanted to stop using their scheduler.

So is that true? I’m here to say, not at all!

What tends to happen when people use schedulers is, they forget the post once it goes out. This is the reason they don’t do well. No matter if you do this weekly, monthly or schedule out for a longer period of time, you can’t just post and forget about it.

The way I like to explain that is if you’re at a large networking event and you bring a stand up banner you want everyone to see, set it up in the corner out of the way and start to network.

Once you set it up, walking away to enjoy the night talking to others and not bringing attention to it or even talking about your business. Essentially you forgot you had that banner up. Some might see it but most people won’t talk about it.

Now, if you talk about that banner with others once you start to establish a relationship with them they will see it and possibly start to ask you about it. The same thing goes for Social Media. Even better, once you had a conversation about the banner with someone, they may start to talk to others about it and so on.

If you post to social media and forget about it, the chances of others seeing it goes down and even more so if they don’t follow your page.

That’s why using methods like the Gary Vee $1.80 strategy is so key. You want to actively be on social media and not just engaging with those that follow you but going outside of that and engaging with others that are in your target market so you bring new eyes to your posts and to your page.

Something I do personally, is set up a project in ToDoist for each client and in there I have a reminder for all posts that are scheduled out. As they get posted, I start to engage with their target audience.

The reason for that is once the post goes out, I start to engage and in doing so I start to bring more eyes to the page and their audience will see the new post that has just been posted.

Now the chances of my audience engaging with that post increase a lot more than if I would have just left it be.

I have said it before and I will say it again, social media is all about being social. It’s that simple.

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