Are you following Facebook Group Etiquette?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, a lot of us are in multiple Facebook groups that are there for us as an additional way to network and encourage us to provide value, promote upcoming events, sales and promote our businesses in general.

Facebook groups are indeed a great place to get the word out to the community but there are rules to each group as well as a Facebook Group etiquette that should be followed.

Below, I’m going to go over some common practices you should follow as well as touch on things I’ve seen far too often that shouldn’t be allowed and have even led to people being kicked out of groups.

Provide Value:

If the group is a general networking group or even a group that is meant for your industry, providing value to the group is a way to promote your business without posting links or seeming spammy. The more value you provide, the more people will see that you’re an expert in your field.

The one thing you want to remember when doing this though is having an optimized Facebook Profile and I chat about that in this blog here >>> Read this too!

Know the rules:

Every Facebook group is different and when it comes to business groups, a lot of them have a set of rules you must agree to and some questions you need to answer before being accepted. If you’re like me, you never remember all the rules and forget what you agreed to when you joined. So, before you post, always have a look in the “About” section and look over the rules to make sure what you’re posting is allowed in the group.

A good example of this is a lot of groups don’t allow you to self promote and don’t allow you to post links to your pages or website. Doing this might get your post removed, get you a warning or even get you kicked out of the group.

Sharing to the group:

When it comes to sharing in a Facebook Group, there really is no general rule for that unless the specific group has one. Sharing into a group is a great way to provide value, however, how you do it can seem spammy.

One of the worst things I see are pages that share every post they make into a group. No matter if the post is full of value, that’s something that will more than likely lose potential customers as that is considered spamming the group.

If you want to provide value, instead of simply sharing a post right from your page to the group, create a new post and remember the 3 E’s. Educate, Entertain and Engage.

As you join groups and start to provide value in them, remember these tips and hopefully this will help you as you start to provide value to the community.

Everything I talked about here in this blog is what I do and talk about in our Facebook Group, Entrepreneur Momentum.

This is a group where we help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and help them create momentum. 

Although it’s a group based on value and networking we also make sure to have a thread each and every week for entrepreneurs to promote their business or an offer they currently have.

Does this sound like something you want? Are you ready to take action to grow your business?

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