Facebook and Instagram went down again? Now what?

Once again last week, Facebook and Instagram went down and that raised the question, would your business be ok if those platforms went away permanently?

Like the last time this happened I  already had a blog set and ready for today but with that outage I once again wanted to talk about creating and growing an email list.

When it comes to marketing your business, so many just rely on one or a couple social media platforms and even though that’s not entirely bad, you don’t want to have all of your eggs in one basket.

Last week, once again, was a prime example of that. Lucky for all of us, Facebook and Instagram were only down for a few hours but what if that lasted longer? What if that lasted a week, 2 weeks or even a month?

Do you have another platform to market too? Do you have a list you can market to?

How do you get started if you don’t have an email list to market to?

I see it all too often, people are just asking for your email, it could be on an Instagram story, on a website or in a post. People are simply just asking you for your email so you can be “subscribed to their newsletter”.

Let’s backtrack just a little bit and talk about your inbox for a second. How many emails do you get a day and how many of those emails are spam? Could be from a store in the mall that you shopped at, a course you took online forever ago, and the list goes on.

Now think about the emails that you want to read, the ones that are from something you opted in for…not “subscribed to”.

The difference between the emails you just delete and the ones you read are emails that give you value. The people or companies that are sending these emails have built a relationship with its audience.

In order to gather these emails, you will need to know what your target market is and once you do, you will be able to develop a lead magnet or your free giveaway. If you give value to your audience and start that relationship with them, they will have no issue giving you their email. People want something in return for giving you their email.

For anyone that reads this blog I am offering a free half hour call to help you get started with your email list.

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