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A couple Sunday’s ago I posted a picture of my Rocketbook Fusion and my Rocketbook Panda Planner with ToDoist up on my tablet. I took this picture as I started to plan ahead for the following week.

This isn’t something new and it’s something I do every Sunday so that I’m ready for the new week and everything I need to do is fresh in my mind.

What was different that week was I had a conversation about planning and staying organized with a friend of mine. They had the same issue I had when I first started using ToDoist and then again when I started to use planners. It was a struggle to get into a habit.

When I first started with ToDoist, it was back in late 2017 and 2018 being the first full year I used the app. When I say “used it”, I mean I had the app and didn’t really get into it very much as it wasn’t part of my routine just yet.

I knew the potential was there but I just wasn’t using it as often as I would have liked, only completing 1835 tasks that entire year.

From there though I did use it a little more and although 2019 wasn’t great I really got into the habit of using it in 2020. In 2019, it wasn’t a huge jump in the amount of tasks completed, only 5861, but it was enough to set me on the right path to creating that habit.

In 2020, that’s when I really started to make it a habit and got into using ToDoist as part of my daily routine not only for my business but for myself as well. In 2020 I completed 11,992 tasks and made it to the Grand Master Level.

For me, I’m very competitive and I used the Karma Point Levels as a tool for myself to get into the habit of using ToDoist on a regular basis. Since I was so competitive, the “Karma Point” levels ToDoist has in place made that part easy.

For each task you complete you get points as well as creating projects and doing other things within the app. If you have a task that goes overdue you will lose points after a certain point so if you’re honest with how you use the app, you can make a game and strive to level up.

For me that was a game changer in the way I used the app and how it became part of my routine. Starting out at Beginner to Novice, Intermediate, Professional and then to Expert, those levels are on the easy side to leveling up and can be quicker than the top levels.

Reaching the Master level, GrandMaster and finally the top level, Enlightened, they are not easy at all but a huge goal to look forward to as you’re using the app and is what got me hooked on it.

That’s not to say everyone is as competitive as I am but using something similar to help create your goals will go a long way in how you use the app and help you make it a habit.

Now this isn’t to say you have to use ToDoist as your “To Do List” app in order to become productive but it’s something I have used for over 3 years now and can stand by the systems I created and how ToDoist helps with that.

Once I was able to use ToDoist and work it into my daily routine I found that helped with everything else and as an example, working with and using the Rocketbook planners in my routine.

In previous blogs I talked about the different planners I have used but being able to easily store all of my notes, planning pages and agenda in the cloud was a game changer for me.

Like ToDoist however, it took me some time to work planning into my daily routine as a habit. Now that it is a habit, that is probably the biggest game changer for me.

I have a project setup in ToDoist that’s called “Daily/Weekly Planning”. I have recurring tasks that remind me when it’s time to start planning and fill out portions of my RocketBook planners.

In the previous blog I mentioned above, I talked about the different planners that I have used in the past and the pros and cons about each. For me, Rocketbook was the only choice because it’s not only cheaper being reusable, it’s safe for the environment and I don’t have to store stacks of planners when I’m done with them.

The other huge bonus is the fact that I can use blank pages in the Fusion Planner to create my own templates. I love the Momentum Planner from Alex Charfen and I was able to use what I love about that and make it a template to use daily in my Rocketbook.

Having the reminder in ToDoist (Premium accounts only) pop up when it’s time to plan for the day/week was instrumental in creating that habit and now, even though it’s still on my list, it isn’t needed anymore.

Are you ready to try ToDoist out now and get the most out of it?

I want to make sure you not only get the most out of ToDoist but I want to make sure you thrive using it and keep using it as a daily habit.

With that said, I’m not only going to give you ToDoist Premium for free for the next 2 months I want to give you the 3 most used templates I use daily so you can upload those into your ToDoist and start using them today.

Does that sound great?

Just click below and that’s all yours!!!

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Are you ready to become more productive?

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