How integrated are you?

Our lives are getting much more integrated and technology is getting better all the time. Yes, there are some downfalls but for the most part this is a good thing and as entrepreneurs this makes our lives a lot easier.

It’s no secret that for the past 11 years I have been a BlackBerry user and have supported that brand from BlackBerry to BlackBerry Mobile, a division of TCL that was licensed to make BlackBerry phones.

Sadly my BlackBerry KEY2 stopped working and even worse, TCL Support doesn’t have the parts to fix it so I had to make the decision to get a new device. That’s not to say I’m completely leaving BlackBerry as a new company, OnWard Mobility will be putting out a 5G BlackBerry later in the year or in early 2022 but I couldn’t wait and needed something asap.

Having done some research and already having a Galaxy Tablet I decided to go with a Samsung Galaxy phone as well. I’m the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Although I’m still not a huge fan of typing on a glass keyboard I am noticing the way this integrates with everything I use for the business, I’m becoming a fan.

When working in the office, having a PC is the only way to go for me as it not only gives me the power I need to get my work done but having 2 monitors is a game changer. That said, there are times where I’m out of the office and need to get my work done or even if it’s something small and I want to use my tablet or my phone, not having access to all my files at all times was becoming an issue.

Having tried Dropbox for some time it was an option I wasn’t really a fan of so a few years ago, after completely switching to Chrome for everything I looked into Google Drive and never looked back.

Having Google Drive for not only my personal files but my business files as well has made things a lot easier and I now have the ability to access my files on any device I use, from my Windows PC to my laptop to both my phone and tablet.

Something that I didn’t have on my BlackBerry was the ability to directly connect my phone to both my tablet and my PC. Having my phone connect to my tablet isn’t a huge deal, it’s convenient but the ability to connect to my PC has been a game changer.

With the Windows phone app I am able to quickly see the notifications from my phone and reply to texts without having to pick up my phone and get distracted by having my phone in my hand.

As much as I preach being productive, this has been a game changer in the last couple weeks.

When it comes to using your devices in sync, what are your favorite tips and tricks?

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