Do you have an email list?

Last week I talked about a handful of tools that I use every single day, not only for myself but for my clients as well.

I wanted to keep that momentum going and talk about some of the individual tools a little more in depth and this week I want to talk about ActiveCampain and email marketing.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, social media is a rented space and we have no idea if any of the platforms will go down or go away permanently. This is why having a list is so important!

I was talking about the power of having a list and how great they were just last week with a friend that was running her company’s social media.

As the conversation went on, I talked about the multiple ways they could grow their list and then in turn, use that to keep their audience up to date with everything going on as well as show them the offers they have coming out.

For this particular business, they have to use contact tracing inside the business and I talked about how easy it is to use QR Codes to not only collect information from their customers and keep that separate in a list but how they can then use that list to start building relationships with those customers.

As important as having a list is, it’s not as easy as taking all the emails you have in your contact list and just adding them into a program like ActiveCampaing.

People are very selective when it comes to giving out their email as our inboxes are getting a lot more full with spam.

The purpose of a list is obviously to market to your audience but that’s not the most important part, the most important to a list is to build a relationship with your audience and turn them into life long customers.

Before you start to build a relationship with your audience you have to get them on your list first and to do that, you’ll want to make sure it’s worth it for someone to join your list.

As I said, people are getting annoyed with spam in their inboxes and one way to make sure your audience wants to be on your list is to offer them something of value for free!

This is why you’ll see me offer you something like our resources and tools ebook. This is something that you can get for free and in turn, that is a way for me to get you onto my email list. 

From there, one of the most important things is to start building a relationship with your audience. This can be done in an opening sequence or as Russell Brunson calls it, a Soap Opera Sequence.

Over the years I have tried multiple platforms and for me, ActiveCampaign is hands down one of the best platforms for automations.

You are able to make automations with multiple platforms but AC is something I use for both my business as well as some of my clients. Either way and no matter what platform you’re using, automations are a must when you’re growing a list and building a relationship with your audience.

The idea is simple, you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself so you don’t have to add extra work and having an email marketing platform do it all for you will be a tool you will love to have working for you.

There are many ways to have a lead opt into your list but once they are one your list, a great way to keep them is to set up automations.

With ActiveCampaing, I can have someone opt into my list and automatically have that lead moved to different lists, such as my opening sequence and then move to other lists that would benefit that lead to help us build a relationship as well as help them grow in whatever it is they need.

The ways to use your list are endless, from informing people about an offer, reading your blog, watching a YouTube video, listening to your Podcast, new products or products that are being discontinued. You can use it to provide value as well as ask questions for market research.

Think about it as a far more powerful social media platform and the best part, you own your list and that traffic!

Are you curious about checking out ActiveCampaing for your business?


That is just one of many tools I talk about and show you in our latest resource tool. The best part is you can download that resource tool for free. 

I list all the tools that I use for myself as well as for my clients on a daily basis to help grow mine and their businesses online!

If you want this free resource, just click below!

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