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If you remember back on May 4th….Star Wars Day we talked about the Hero’s Journey script in our blog. That’s a script that is used in just about every movie as well as a very powerful marketing tool.

This week I want to take things just a little further now and talk about a different script, The Epiphany Bridge.

If we have ever met in person or had a conversation at any point, you will know I’m a talker. I love to tell stories!

In all my years talking to people, I tell stories as a way to start a conversation as well, use stories to further the conversation without realising how powerful this ability really was.

It wasn’t until I read Russell’s book, Expert Secrets that I realized I could take that skill and put it to work in my marketing to help better serve my audience.

If you look back at my blog posts and at both my Podcast and YouTube Channel you will see they all have a similar format. I start off my telling a story, dive into some value that I started to talk about in that story and then I will follow it up with something that will help you further your education on the topic or with something I can do to help you.

Before we really dive into this blog, I do know I am far from the perfect story teller and not even close to a great writer but each and every one of these blogs and stories are my own and I do hope they provide you with some value.

With all of that said, these blogs are a very small piece of the Epiphany Bridge Script and that’s what I want to talk about this week.

Whether you’re using this in a blog post, for a YouTube or Podcast script or a sales funnel, you want to start with a Backstory.

This brings me back to the difference between social media management and marketing. It’s great to be consistent on social media and put your offers out to your audience but that’s not marketing.

When it comes to marketing, you want to connect with your audience and start building a relationship with them. If you met someone while you were out, just saying hi won’t start a relationship with them…you need to communicate and give them a little backstory to a point, so they can get to know you first.

Telling a backstory is the perfect opportunity to bring up both the external and internal struggles you have faced in the topic you’re talking about. This will show your audience you relate with them and that you have faced the same struggles they are going through or have faced themselves.

Once you talk about your backstory and the struggles you have faced, it’s time to talk about the epiphany you had before you were able to solve the problem you faced and how you solved that problem.

This is now your chance to talk about that epiphany and how it developed into a new opportunity for you and from that you were able to create your framework or solve a problem. This is now something that you can use to show your audience how to solve the problem they are having.

Once you have done this, you will be able to offer the framework to your audience and either guide them through their journey or give them the tools to help them along the way so they can solve it on their own with the tools you provided.

In a way, it’s a small part of how we set up our blogs and podcasts as I mentioned before. I talk a little bit about each blog and how it relates to me. I proved some value in the blog and then I will provide you with a resource that can help you with the topic I was talking about.

That’s where the Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson comes in. As I said, I’m not a great writer…yet but everything I’m talking about is something I have learned in the Expert Secrets book as well and It’s what Russell uses as a tool to coach his clients at $10k a pop.

What would you say if I could get you that book for free? Seems like a no brainer doesn’t it?

If you want expert Secrets for free, just click the button below!

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