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As a beer lover and someone that worked in the beer industry for over 16 years, I never really looked past the retail and logistics side of the business. I never thought about how much marketing was involved and how building relationships was the key to being successful.

The Frameworks that the Beer Store had in place and what they offered was a great system to keep prices low despite the large amount of tax on alcohol here in Ontario.

They would be able to offer you one product and then try to upsell you a larger package size that was at a better price point. Then we would talk to our customers and try to upsell them on buying some ice to save them time by not having them make a separate trip to a different store.

Doing this we stuck with one framework and expanded on that. The same thing can be done in your business.

If you read the last few blogs, I talked about how Russell takes the Expert Secrets book and although that’s something you can get for free, he uses that to teach and coach his clients for $10k. 

It’s not just the books he does this with.

If you look at all of his training from the books to the 5 Day Lead Challenge, the One Funnel Away (Hands down the best marketing training I have had) to the 2 Comma Club Live event to his big event, Funnel Hacking Live. They come from 1 framework.

This is something I do with Russtek and it’s something I learned from Russell Brunson and everything he teaches.

If you take your Frameworks, you can expand on that and use that to help your audience up your value ladder to better serve them!

Look at a business like ours. I could walk up to you and offer you social media management services, but without knowing who I am and what I can do, the chances of you hiring me on the spot, for that much money, might be a little slim.

This is why I have a value ladder so that we can work up to that point while we build our relationship with you. I can offer you something for free that just touches on one of my frameworks and use that as value to help you.

Then I can offer you something like a consultation where we dive a little deeper while helping you along the way and I start to build that strategy and really help you to grow online. 

Eventually, the more value I provide and the better our relationship becomes, that’s when I can offer you social media management, a service that will help you focus more on your business and not have to worry about the ever changing social media algorithms and it’s something that is near the top of my value ladder!

That’s just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to one of the Frameworks and how I use it.

Are you curious about how you can use your frameworks and turn them into something you can add into your value ladder?

Just click the button below and get a free copy of Expert Secrets. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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