Time to become an Expert!

In the past few weeks we’ve talked about how you can become an expert in your field and how after you got that “spark” and became an entrepreneur, you start your journey in becoming “the reporter” and then start to create frameworks to actually serve your audience.

So what is an expert then? How do you become an expert and where do you go from there?

Being an expert is all about being a leader and sharing your gift. As entrepreneurs we are all here for a purpose and for the good majority of us, that’s to serve.

Something I found very interesting, was back when I was with the Beer Store, I thought I was a “beer expert”. I knew a lot about the industry, both with the big breweries and with the craft breweries.

I thought knowing the types of beer, what they were paired with and how they all tasted made me an expert and although I knew a lot, I came to find out, I wasn’t an expert.

I found that out when an actual expert, a master Cicerone and brewer at Chapter Two Brewing Company had a masterclass and beer tasting, talking about the different styles of Pilsners.

Sitting down at the brewery with a handful of home brewers we got into the masterclass and Michael Beaudoin started to talk about the beer and how to properly taste it and grade the beer with a chart.

I was way out of my league and realized that I wasn’t the expert I thought I was. That was ok though, because Michael was and being the best brewer here in Windsor, I was able to learn a lot from him.

Just like what I did at the Beer Store, Michael dedicates himself to serving his audience and his customers at the highest level. He not only brews a great beer but makes it a point to go out and engage with the customers that are in the tap room (when it’s open) and out on the patio.

He makes sure that everyone has a great experience as well as using the knowledge he has to teach others.

Taking it even a step further, he holds these masterclasses/beer tastings that help to educate his customers.

That’s exactly what we are trying to do here at Russtek, also making sure to step out and engage with our audience and provide as much value as we can and by doing that, it positions us as an expert in our field.

For Michael it’s easy to know who his and the brewery’s audience is and how to serve them. For us, it’s almost the same as it was easy for us to find our audience and who we want to serve but is it that easy for you?

Now that you’re an expert, you will want to serve your audience but also, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin and try to reach an audience that is so large your messaging falls short.

When you’re finding your audience there are 3 major categories where your audience will be. Just Three.

Health, Wealth and Relationships.

From there, you will have subcategories but your audience is in one of those major categories. The next step in your journey is to figure out what category your audience is in and from there, start to develop a strategy that targets them.

If you really want to target a specific audience or niche, that subcategory can be broken down even further. 

As an example, your niche could be buying and flipping houses. That niche will fall under the Real Estate Subcategory and that would in turn fall under Wealth.

No matter the niche or subcategory, it will fall under one of the 3 major categories. Health, Wealth or relationships.

What category are you marketing to right now?

If you want to dive a lot deeper into finding that audience and learn how to use your knowledge to market to them, we’ve got you covered!

Click below and get your free copy of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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