Are you using Facebook Groups to your advantage?

It’s funny, before I started Russtek I never really used Facebook Groups all that often except for the odd time a friend set one up for something like a camping trip.

For me back then, I was using Facebook Groups as more of a project management tool than anything and it wasn’t until I started Russtek that I really saw the benefit and how great of a tool Facebook Groups are to market your business and provide value to your audience.

There are different types of groups on Facebook and each of these groups are designed for a different purpose. Some groups are designed to host a private conference or a “challenge”, some are used for networking, some are used to promote your business and some are used to provide value to your audience as a way to help grow your businesses Facebook Page.

There is nothing wrong with any of these styles of groups but what one will work best for your business and how can you use them to grow?

As we mentioned many times before the first thing you want to know is who your target audience is. If you are in a group that was made for engineers and you’re a health care provider, this might not be a group for you. That said, there are some great networking groups that have a wide variety of people and businesses in them that could be beneficial.

When you’re in a group and you want to use that as a way to network and potentially gain new business, the number one thing you can do is give tons of value.

Yes, give FREE value to the group.

Why would you want to do that?

Providing value in a Facebook group is a great way to show that you’re an expert in your field and the more value that you provide, the more people will respect you, see that you’re an expert while wanting to know more.

If you’re just posting links in every group you belong to, there is a good chance that most of the people that are in one group, will be in the others and that is just spamming them.

As an example, we are in the digital marketing space. If I just went out and plastered my offer in every group I’m a part of, would you see me as an expert or a spammer?

A key thing to remember as well is what the rules of the group are. If the group doesn’t allow you to have a page in the group, providing value with your profile is just as good.

When doing this you will want to make sure you have an optimized profile. Having a cover photo and professional profile picture that fits your brand as well as having links to your businesses social platforms and websites on your profile will help someone see what you offer after they have left the group to click on your profile.

That’s exactly what we are doing with Entrepreneur Momentum. This is a group where we help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and help them create momentum. 

Although it’s a group based on value and networking we also make sure to have a thread each and every week for entrepreneurs to promote their business or an offer they currently have.

Does this sound like something you want? Are you ready to take action to grow your business?

What are you waiting for, click the button below and start creating momentum in your business. The best part…it’s free!!!

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