Ending distractions and becoming more productive!

The way my office is laid out is very unique. I live in a decent sized apartment and I converted the dining room into my office. The way it’s all laid out is I have my bedroom at the front of the house, moving to the back is the kitchen, then the dining room…my office and then my living room that’s at the back of the house. My apartment is in the upstairs of an old Victorian Style house.

When sitting in my office, my desk faces the wall towards the back of the house and there is a doorway right next to my desk that looks right into the living room. The bonus to this is if I’m working late and there is a Montreal Canadiens game on or in the summer, a Detroit Tigers game on, I can have the game on while I work.

However, without a good system in place you can just imagine how distracting that could be and I won’t lie, when I first started, like I mentioned last week I was easily distracted. It wasn’t until I decided to get a Spotify account that things changed a little. Don’t get me wrong, if there is a game on I will watch it and at times I will have a show like Suits on (That show just motivates me). I do this so I can have background noise on while I work.

The biggest game changer for me though,  was when a friend of mine recommended ToDoist. She showed me what the app was all about and how I was able to use it to not only have a To-Do List but how I was able to create a system with the app to help stay productive.

Using ToDoist I’m able to create “projects” and in those projects, I’m able to create tasks that help me visualize my day and my routines. As an example using ToDoist I can create clear goals with hard deadlines for everything from the routines I created, to the work I have to do for the business in all aspects as well as everything that needs to be done for my clients.

The added bonus for me being a competitive person, ToDoist has what they call “Karma Points”. What this means is that everytime you create a task, complete a task on time or do something like add a label you get points. With these points, you can “level up” like a video game so to speak. Starting out as a “beginner” you can then make your way up to through a number of levels until you reach “Enlightened”. Currently I am at the second last level, Grand Master and within the next year I hope to get to Enlightened.

ToDoist isn’t only a way to check off the tasks you have created for the day but it’s also one of my favorite project management tools and a way to stay organized with a team.

Being able to add people to projects you can share files, tasks and comment on the projects that need to be done so that you’re able to save time and not have to email back and forth. You basically take out a huge step and are able to get things done a lot more efficiently.

I think that’s enough bragging for one day, we all know I love ToDoist and how it’s completely changed my business.

Before we go though I do want to tell you one more thing, is that cool?

I wanted to give you an opportunity to try it yourself and the fact that you can try ToDoist Premium for free for the next 2 months wasn’t enough. I wanted to offer one more thing to help make the decision to try ToDoist that much easier.

I want to give you 3 incredible templates that I use everyday that help me stay productive as well as help my business grow.

You just have to click that button below, and if you give me your email I’ll send you the 3 templates as well as a link to get ToDoist Premium for free for the next 2 months.

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