Are you sending the right message with your brand?

Recently I had a good conversation with a friend about branding and why some businesses are doing great and others just don’t have a consistent message. The conversation focused on those that had inconsistent branding and how that could be damaging to your business.

If you’re going to use social media to market your business, what is the message you want to send out to your audience? If your audience saw your Logo, your Facebook Page, joined your Facebook Group, saw your Instagram account and all of the rest, will they immediately know who you are and what you’re all about? Or will they have to dig to find that information?

One thing you don’t want to do is spread yourself too thin and when doing so, not have a consistent message. Think about the pages you follow or the groups you’re in. Do you know the exact purpose of those pages and groups?

If you don’t know the exact purpose, I want you to ask yourself if that page or group is providing enough value for you to stay in that group or follow that page.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we get pulled in a lot of different directions and we wear a lot of different hats. The last thing we need is to be wasting time on Facebook and looking at pages or groups that don’t serve us or provide enough value that will help us grow our businesses or better yet, groups that will help us help others grow.

Take our Facebook Group, Entrepreneur Momentum as an example. In that group, we focus on providing value to entrepreneurs and small business owners so that we are able to help them with their business. With the content we post, we strive to  help entrepreneurs grow online. The one thing we don’t do, is we don’t allow spam in the group so that the value that is provided gets lost.

Something I see often is that some groups start out with a similar strategy to Entrepreneur Momentum, but they don’t moderate the group and this in turn lets spam take over the discussion feed.

This is a pattern I see often and I have noticed that groups that have let this happen will start another group that will again start with the same strategy as EM but again fall into the same pattern and let it slide with spam taking over. This happens over and over again and something we don’t want in our group. Entrepreneur Momentum is only about helping others and providing value, this in turn is a great way to network!

One thing Russell Brunson talks about in Traffic Secrets is to become a producer on social media and not a consumer of social media. This means, focusing on a goal to produce content that has the 3 E’s (educate, entertain and engage) in it and in turn this will help your audience grow as well this is how you build your brand showing you’re an expert in your field.

Remember though, if you want to do this you will want to stick with one group or page. You can use multiple platforms but make sure you have one consistent brand across all your platforms so you’re not confusing your audience.

That said, have you seen our group Entrepreneur Momentum? That’s a group where we focus on providing nothing but value in order to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their business.

We encourage you to check it out, the group is free!

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