It’s all about Long-term Relationships

In this week’s blog post I want to talk about the quote we posted yesterday. “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity” by Bruce Lee.

To talk about that quote a little more I want to tell you a story about a conversation I recently I had with a friend of mine that is one of the best marketers I know. They are absolutely amazing at what they do and I have never seen anyone tell a story quite like them. The business they run is similar to what we are doing here and they are making 10k plus a month.

They are very successful by all accounts and yet, they have a smaller following on social media. They don’t have thousands of followers on their Instagram account but the content they publish is absolutely gold.

So why is it so important to have thousands of followers or even millions to be considered successful?

Something I have said from day one is it’s always better to have quality over quantity. If you have hundreds of thousands of followers and engage with only a small percentage of them is that doing your business any good?

Now if you have 1000 followers and are able to engage with a high percentage of them, wouldn’t that be a lot better for your business?

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing to have a million followers but there is no rush to get there. 

I see it daily in my Instagram DM’s, people trying to sell me on getting thousands of followers and they pitch me on how great that will be. The catch is, it’s just followers and for the most part not a single one of them will be in my target market. The biggest downfall to that is I haven’t built a relationship with any of them so the chances of them buying anything from be is very little.

That’s like getting an email out of the blue from someone you have never seen before and them selling you something. What happens to that email? It gets deleted right?

Before I close this week’s blog out, are you interested in building a relationship and at the same time getting free advice on how to grow your business online? I’d suggest having a look at our free Facebook Group, Entrepreneur Momentum.

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