All the tools you will need to grow online in 2021!

When it comes to using Social Media to generate leads and promote your business, there are a ton of different tools out there. Everyone is trying to get you to use theirs but what one is right and what should you be using so you’re not breaking the bank.

Every year around this time I post a blog that talks about all the tools that I have been using and new tools that I have found that helps me with my own social media platforms. Like you I try to keep it as cheap as possible and if at all possible, I use platforms that are free.

Here are the mail tools that I use and not only the tools that I use, how they have helped me.


It’s no secret that the first tool I want to talk about is ToDoist. This is a tool that not only helps me with planning out content but it’s a tool that I use to run the day to day aspects of my business.

From setting tasks to remind me of what needs to be done to organizing and planning projects out ToDoist is one of the most powerful tools I use daily.


This tool is about as plain and basic as it gets but very powerful. You can use either Excel or Google Sheets as they will do the same job. I use this for a few things. One is to keep track of hours worked so I can show clients what I’m working on and how long I am working on a certain project.

More importantly though I use Excel for my content calendar. This is a great way to plan out your content in one place and have everything from ideas to the copy, image and URL for your posts as well as the dates and times you will need to post the content. 

Using a tool like this not only keeps me organized but planning ahead and using Excel to create my content saves me a ton of time for other tasks that might be more pressing.


When you’re looking to create great images to use on Social, Canva is one of the best tools out there. You have 2 options for Canva, a free version or the paid that will run you about $12 a month. 

The free version is all you need and not with the updated mobile app you can use it anywhere and create amazing photos. If you find it’s a tool you will use a lot more than I would highly recommend the paid version so you are able to create templates and folders to keep your projects more organized.


There are a lot of different schedulers out there, some are free and some require a monthly subscription. I have tried quite a few over the years and right now I have found that using the Facebook tools that are free work perfectly.

This will depend however on what platforms  you are using. For the 2 Facebook apps, Facebook and Instagram I use the Publishing Tools and Creator Studio respectively. They are free and they both have a great interface to work with.

When it comes to Twitter I use a program called TweetDeck. The one downfall to this platform is it only allows you to use 140 characters instead of the 280 characters that Twitter now allows but the dashboard is able to have multiple streams as well as a stream for Trends that allows you to stay up to date and use the latest trends in your tweets with whats trending.

For LinkedIn I use Hootsuite. This is a tool that allows you to have up to 3 accounts for free so having my Personal and Business LinkedIn pages in there is perfect.

These tools here are all perfect to help you not only stay organized but allow you to create content and get ahead of the game so you’re able to focus more on the work that really helps you move your business forward.

If you want some of these tools I have a social media bundle that not only has a free 30 Day’s of Content eBook but I have the content calendars I use on a daily basis. I’m also have a one time offer right now that I’m not offering anywhere else. 

I’m offering a full strategy session for a quarter of the price so that you not only have the tools but know how to use them and a full strategy to get started on social media.

Just click here to get started!

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