Are you using QR Codes?

Last week I went to a friend’s local business, The Mushroom Hub because I saw a post he made talking about a Lasagna and some Mushroom Soup he had for sale. I didn’t think twice and made the trip to stock up before we went into lockdown.

As always it was great to see my friend Denis and the Mushroom soup and Lasagna I had was amazing.

The great part about that visit was not just the food and conversation but one of the topics we chatted about…QR Codes.

It was in 2002 that QR codes became widely popular but eventually started to dwindle out, until now. With the pandemic we’re in now, small businesses and restaurants are having to pivot and come up with ideas to serve their customers while keeping everyone safe.

One way small businesses and restaurants have done this is the use of QR codes to show a menu or something that a small business has to offer. The best part is the customer not having to physically touch a menu from the restaurant.

The bonus to QR codes is that there are so many uses for them and it doesn’t have to be just for a restaurant’s menu. Think about the ways we interact now while in a pandemic. If you’re out and see a fellow business owner or entrepreneur, handing out a business card might not be the safest way to exchange contact information. Instead, you’re able to have a QR code on your phone and simply have that up on your screen while you’re new contact can scan that and have all the information you want them to have imported right into their contact app.

The options for using a QR Code are endless and you can use them for anything you can dream up from websites, to social media posts, store windows or at a table in your restaurant. If you want to direct your customers or audience anywhere you can do that with a QR Code.

Do you use QR Codes?

For great tips like this and how to come up with content, just scan the QR Code I have here.

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