Do you have a morning routine?

When I think back to my day’s as a Manager with the Beer Store, a company here in Ontario that sells beer for the brewery owners, I never really had a set routine for myself.

I was able to make my own schedule within the guidelines that the company set for us and I did have a set schedule for things like trucks and deliveries but when it came down to having a set routine I never really had one.

It wasn’t until a while after I started my official entrepreneur journey that I started to see the benefits of having a routine. The more structured the routine I have found the more productive I become.

For example, when I start my week I like to start on Sunday since that’s my “day off” and I use that to plan out my week using two tools. I use my ToDoist app and both my Rocketbook Fusion and Rocketbook Panda planner.

The way I set this up is in my ToDoist app. There I have two routine “projects” and in there I have a section for morning, afternoon and evening routines. There I am able to set recurring “tasks” or parts to my routine that I need to do either daily, weekly or monthly.

With those two “projects” or routines I use one for the business and I use one for personal. This helps separate the two so I can clearly see what is needed and it’ll remind me of when I need to get set and get started on these routines.

Once I have everything I need in ToDoist I then go to my Rocketbook Fusion to plot out my week in the planning section. There I can write out all the meetings and calls I have for the week.

I will then do the same in the Panda planner and set up my morning and evening routines for the week. The last thing I do is plot out my goals for the week that I will revisit on the following Sunday to see where I sit and readjust.

The more I do this the more it becomes a habit and it creates a good focus for the week ahead. I know exactly what needs to be done and it’s clearly laid out.

Do you have a routine or use tools like this to help you be more productive?

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