Are you publishing consistently?

When it comes to marketing your business and your products online, are people seeing your content?

Something I come across all too often is entrepreneurs and business owners publishing one or two pieces of content and expecting customers and clients to come to them, the opposite is actually true.

With the ever changing algorithms of the different social media platforms, if you are not consistent and engaging with your audience, your dream 100 or target audience won’t see your message or content.

This is why it’s so important to constantly be publishing and getting your message out there. Now as I say that that doesn’t mean you need to be publishing on every platform all day long. It’s best to stick with one or 2 platforms you are comfortable with and then grow from there.

If you don’t have the time to engage with your audience on every platform, yet you are publishing on every platform, you’re wasting your efforts.

One tip is to, for example, publish on Facebook and Instagram and then commit to engaging on just those platforms. Something like the Gary Vee $1.80 strategy is a perfect way to reach out.

The more comfortable you get with those platforms and the more efficient you become, you can move to other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and even blogging or podcasting.

The key is to be consistent! If you’re publishing just once in a while, as I have said, you won’t be visible to your audience.

Just a few months ago, a friend of mine who owned a business posted on Facebook for the first time in months. Before that post, I had completely forget they had a Facebook page and if they weren’t a friend of mine, I might have even forgotten that business existed.

Another example is of a local company here in Windsor that spent a good amount of time each day reaching out and engaging on Instagram. They were on that platform every day and it got to the point that I felt like I knew the person who was behind the Instagram account.

After some time of constant engagement, it stopped. A short time of not seeing them I started to wonder what happened and figured that person who was running their Instagram account had found new work.

It was about a month or two later that I completely forgot about that business and now, after about a year I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the business. 

That goes to show you how important it is to stay consistent on social media!

Is this something you have been interested in doing for your business yourself and need some help being held accountable?

There are 2 resources that we have created to help you with not only value like this but also to help hold you accountable as you move forward with managing your own social media.

Click the links below to first join our free Facebook group, Entrepreneur Momentum where we provide value every single day to help you grow your business and then click the second link where you’ll find out about our Mastermind Team and get all the latest updates for that.

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