Let’s Chat about being an Entrepreneur and Mental Health

Let’s have a conversation about being an entrepreneur and mental health. Today I want to talk about my journey and my struggles.

Something I don’t talk about often and it’s very hard for me to open up about, is my own mental health issues. When I do have an episode, I will bury myself in work to the point that it breaks me and shuts me down.

I have talked about working to the point of burning out before but this is a lot different. When I have a breakdown I completely shut down and what I know to be true, my mind tells me differently and with that I completely shut off. When this happens, I get to a point where I can’t even get out of bed or I lock myself in my room.

Growing up, things were bad for me while I attended grade school. It was so bad that I had to be moved to a different school because I was bullied and beat up every single day. The more this happened the lower my self esteem got and this is something that carried with me into adulthood.

Because I was beat up and bullied all through grade school I became a very shy and sheltered kid that didn’t want to speak up for fear of someone not liking what I had to say and bullying me because of it.

Still to this day I get impostor syndrome a lot more than most and fear publishing content because although the bullying only happened at school or out when I saw these kids, being home and with no internet, I felt I was safe for that brief moment.

There have been a couple times recently over the last couple of years that even though I wasn’t being bullied by kids at school, my mind went back to that place and it crippled me. Even still, after all these years I am learning to deal with it and keep moving forward.

Something that has helped is obviously talking to someone about those issues but also talking to a productivity expert that has taught me ways to use apps like ToDoist to help stay focused and on track.

An app isn’t the answer to help with my mental health issues but this is a way I have used as a business owner to stay focused and try to keep up with my clients work.

When I talk about ToDoist, it’s not just an app for me to just check off tasks. It’s a system that helps me to not only run my business but it helps me stay focused and organized in my personal life as well.

If you’re interested in checking it out, just click the link below and I’ll give you 2 months of premium for free.

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