Looking for a productivity hack?

In the last few weeks I have really been looking for ways to improve on how I work and stay productive. Today I want to talk about a couple ways that I have done this and how it’s made an impact on my days.

I’ve been a long time user of ToDoist and it was something at first, took me a long time to get into a habit of using. Now, it has changed the way I get things done. That said, over time it has starting to get a little cluttered and less efficient.

Something I started to do is “On Time Learning”. This is something that is a lot different from what I did when I first started Russtek. What that means, is instead of taking every course, webinar or listening to more podcasts than I need to, I will learn exactly what I need to learn for what I’m working towards.

Knowing my ToDoist was becoming a little less efficient I wanted to make it work better for me so I joined a webinar hosted by ToDoist and that was geared towards productivity and time blocking.

After attending that webinar I instantly saw how my own ToDoist projects weren’t serving me to the ability they could and started to make changes. Even better, with the board’s view it made my projects more visible and easier to organize.

Now that I have tweaked my ToDoist projects I have set routines I an follow, I have some some flex time and with the remaining time blocked out, I have more time for a handful of tasks I was missing. It’s been an absolute game changer and I have seen my productivity level go through the roof and even had to make some adjustments to my goals and reset them a little higher.

If you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend giving ToDoist a try! Since I’ve been a long time ToDoist user, I able to give you 2 months of premium for free! This gives you 2 full months to try it out and use ToDoist to its full potential. If it’s not for you, that’s ok but what do you have to lose? It’s free for the next 2 months. If you like ToDoist but don’t want to pay after the 2 months, you can cancel and keep using the free version.

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