What does Marketing mean to you?

When it comes to marketing your business it all comes down to telling a story. It’s all about building a relationship with your audience and having them relate to you.

There are so many ways to do this from blogging, podcasting, have a VSL (Video Sales Letter) in a funnel and even on all of your social media platforms. Obviously we love using social media to get our message out there in order to help others grow.

When it comes to marketing though, there are some dos and don’ts about how you want to get your message across and today I want to talk about one in particular. When it comes to Facebook, commenting on someone’s post on a page, in a group or even on a profile you can get your message out there in a very professional way by providing value and adding to the conversation.

Adding to the conversation and adding your “2 cents” of value, you start to gain you respect and show that you’re an expert in your field. 

Now, the other side to that is, instead of providing value there are others that are spamming these pages, profiles and groups with links and or logos. This method will get you nowhere and slowly you will start to lose the respect of those in your industry.

When you’re shamelessly plugging your business all the time, it may get you to be visible to others but not in the proper way. Now more than ever customers want to see what value you can provide and over delivering is a great way to do that.

That’s why we created a Facebook Group called Entrepreneur Momentum. This is a group that is dedicated to providing value and a place where people can show they are an expert without spamming the group with links and promotions.

Just click below to join and find out for yourself!

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