Let’s do something a little differently!

I’ve been in the social media management game for a very long time now and an incredible way to network is using Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are a great tool to connect, provide value and show the people in your target market or show your dream 100 that you’re an expert in your field.

With all of that said, something I have noticed over the years is although Facebook Groups are a great way to provide value, I often see the value being drowned out by constant spamming and links being shared with no value other than to show a news story about what is happening in the industry.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with groups like that but I wanted something a little different. I wanted a platform where not only myself but others could have a stage to really share their expertise!

That’s why I started a Facebook Group called Entrepreneur Momentum!

This is a group that is designed to help entrepreneurs grow in all aspects of their business and really start to create that Momentum in their business!

Not only that, we are working on a few special projects that will all tie into this group and really help entrepreneurs create that momentum!

To join the group, just click this button below and I can’t wait to see you in there!

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