Always best to take the high road!

Recently there was a thread on Facebook that I commented on, what happened from that and the countless replies gave me the idea for this blog.

I won’t get into exactly what it was about because I don’t want this blog to become a political debate but I want to share what happened and how we can all learn from it.

When it comes to anything online and commenting on a Facebook post more specifically, I make sure the first thing I do is read the entire post, article shared and all the comments that are in the thread. This way I have all the facts and peoples stance on the subject being shared before I comment.

I will then post just the facts about what is being discussed and sharing my thoughts on those facts. If the post is about something saying the sky is red, I will speak to the facts as to why the sky is blue and my thoughts on the subject. Granted that was not what it was about but I thought it was a funny example.

Now, with the thread that I commented on, without facts or even trying to debate the topic, I was blasted with every name you could think of and it wasn’t nice. Now, I could have lashed out and brought myself down to that level and did the same, but I didn’t.

In a situation like that, and always it’s best to respect someone’s opinion, try and share the facts and then move on if they aren’t willing to listen or have an intelligent conversation. 

Not only as a business owner but in general, the nicer you are in person and online the better it is for everyone. Bringing yourself down to that level will only attract those types of people and to move forward in life, it will be difficult. If you take the high road, those are the people you will attract and stick with you on your journey to be educated and grow.

What are your thoughts about seeing negative comments online? Do you stay away or feel like you need to engage with that?

Head over to our post for this blog and let’s chat about it!

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