365 Days of content!

When it comes to writing these blog posts I tend to do them a week before they are published on Monday mornings. That said, it goes against my system for creating a month’s worth of content in advance so that I am ahead of the game.

Normally what I will do is create a month’s worth of content and then schedule that content out the Monday before. This way, if there is anything that needs to be changed or if a post is weather related I am not caught off guard. 

I have seen posts that have gone up that talk about how great the weather is and it went up on a day that was cold and raining. This is why I do all of my scheduling a week before.

Now, that isn’t a problem but as I take the One Funnel Away challenge I want to commit to getting more content out to my audience and it’s time to get more of my story out to you, my audience.

I could do that a number of ways, the first method is writing a blog. As you know, I have this weekly blog but for me, I am not a writer. That is no secret. I do love these blogs but doing them daily, I know that will become a little too much for me and I don’t want the value I give here to be overlooked when they come out daily.

I could do Facebook Lives or Instagram Lives but again I don’t wait for those to get lost in your feed or come off as spamming you guys. So that leaves me with one option!

A new podcast!

I will still continue with Let’s Chat with Russtek and that podcast posted every Thursday! The first episode will launch on Thursday September 3rd and I can’t wait for that to go live! Starting as of Monday August 10th will be creating a new podcast called Let’s Chat!

This will be a personal podcast that will document my journey as an entrepreneur and hopefully provide some value to you, showing you my ups and downs and what I have learned along the way!

If that is something you’re interested in I will leave a link to that below as well as a tool to help you to create your own content!

Something I have struggled with in the past and I’m sure you have struggled with is coming up with content! That’s why I created a tool to give you 30 Days of content and that’s completely free!

Can’t wait to share my story and my journey with you as well as show you how you can easily create content!

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