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Recently I saw a post in a Facebook group that was simply an image of an iceberg that showed what it took to be successful.

Above the water, the image had the word “Success”. On the iceberg, below the water it had the words Risks, Failure, Doubts, Criticism, Discipline, Sacrifice, Rejection, Late Nights, Persistence and Hard Work.

The image alone was good, It showed what it took to be successful as an entrepreneur. Now, there is nothing wrong with posting that image into a group or on a page/profile. The difference is how much value you provide with it.

After seeing the image posted alone in a Facebook Group, with nothing to back it up I wanted to do a little test. As soon as I saw that post, I found an image that was identical but I cropped it to make it so it was just the iceberg and nothing else. I then added a story about what that image meant to me and how it related to my journey asking a question, what success looks like for everyone else in the body of that post.

The image posted in a Facebook Group with no more value added to it other than the image itself had no engagement and a very small amount of likes. The same image that was posted on my profile with a story and value added to it, had a lot of engagement and tons of reactions.

Even with the group having more people in it than I have friends on my profile my post performed way better.

Let’s look at that a different way. You go out to a restaurant and order some food, other than just taking your order and offering no upsell, recommendations or any small talk by the wait staff, you get just the basic service.

You get exactly what you ordered but no additional value.

Now, you go to a different restaurant the following day and the wait staff makes sure to strike up a conversation, starts to build a relationship with you and provides above standard customer service and makes recommendations and offers you an upsell.

What restaurant are you going to go back to? The first one or the second?

The same thing applies to running a Facebook Group or posting to your businesses Facebook page. The more value you provide, the more engagement you’ll get and the more people will want to come back and work with you!

Does that make sense now?

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