Providing Value vs Being Self Serving

There is no question that using Facebook Groups is an amazing way to reach an audience but how you reach out to them is key!

Once you find out who your dream audience is and you’ve found your dream 100 customers/clients, finding out where they hang out is a huge step in reaching them. Looking in Facebook groups is an amazing way to do this.

Once you know where your audience hangs out, the way you reach them is key! If you’re in a Facebook group and you’re simply spamming the group with links and memes, that will likely turn a lot of people away and that traffic will be lost.

The key is to provide more value in the group and promote yourself less. The more value you provide, that alone will do the promoting for you. Providing value will ultimately bring traffic to your website/funnel and or your social media feeds.

Remember when we talked about the 80/20 rule? Look at it this way. Providing nothing but value in Facebook Groups will bring people to your social media feeds and with that your audience will scroll to see what you have to offer and ultimately see what you’re promoting.

If you have something you want your audience to see organically. Provide value in a Facebook Group the day you have your promotion posted on your own page. Once people see the value you provide that has to do with your promotion, you will see them on your page and they will see your promotion. If they are the right fit, they will take your hook, listen to your story and take you up on your offer.

This is not to say you can’t promote in a Facebook Group. This is completely acceptable depending on the rules for that particular group. However, if you are always promoting it will come across as spam.

There is no need to spam groups with just your offer. You always have to start with a hook. In Facebook groups, your hook is the value you provide!

Want to know more about how this can work for your business? Let’s Chat!

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