Do you have a value ladder for your business?

When it comes to your business, having a plan in place and knowing what problem you can solve for your customers/clients is key. Having a value ladder is a great way to do that.

A great way to explain what the Value Ladder is and how it works is to use a story from Dotcom Secrets, this is also a story I used for a friend that is a chiropractor.

Now if you’re a chiropractor, there isn’t a lot about attracting clients that is “sexy” and if you’re trying to come up with a LM (Lead Magnet) to attract new clients, offering something like a free adjustment isn’t something that will bring a lot of people in as that’s something you see being used often.

For chiropractors, most have a similar business. You need an adjustment and you get that taken care of and you’re on your way. Now, customer service is what separates you from the rest to keep your clients coming back.

What if you had something more to offer? What if you had a bunch of services you could offer your clients to have them ascend up your value ladder, each providing more value then the last?

If you’re working with an athlete that might need a few more visits than someone else off the street, how about offering a monthly plan? Something that would work out to be a little cheaper than just having them come in weekly. This way you are providing more value to your client and saving them money. The bonus is your get to have a client that you know will be back.

That’s the power of having a value ladder! Look at a business like ours. I could walk up to you and offer you social media management services but without knowing who we are and what we could do, the chances of you hiring me on the spot, for that much money might be a little slim.

This is why I have a value ladder so that we can work up to that point while we build our relationship with you. I can offer you a free LM that will give you some value and help you with your social media. Then I can offer you a consultation where we dive a little deeper while helping you along the way and I start to build that strategy and really help you to grow online. 

Eventually, the more value I provide and the better our relationship becomes, that’s when I can offer you social media management, a service that will help you focus more on your business and not have to worry about the ever changing social media algorithms and it’s something that is near the top of my value ladder!

Interested in finding out more about the value ladder? Russell breaks it all down in Dotcom Secrets. Click the button below and get your free copy!

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