3 Days and and 30 plus hours later, I’m ready for my 2 Comma Club Award!

Before I get into this blog, I have to admit that I had a plan already set out for this week and after attending the 2 Comma Club live event last Thursday through Saturday I just had to switch gears and  write about it and get that out to you this week!

You might be wondering what a 2 Comma Club is and why I attended an event with that name over 3 day last week. To start, the 2 Comma Club is an award that Russell Brunson gives out at his Funnel Hacking Live event each year. The award is for entrepreneurs that have made $1 Million Dollars inside of a funnel in the span of a year. Hence, 2 commas.

An award that I will win by the end of 2021!

Now to the fun stuff. What does all that have to do with this blog post? Russell created an event virtually that was designed to help us all tell our stories, a framework he talked about in all 3 of his books, then turned that into a conference. 

Not only did he do that, he brought in speakers (virtually) that he has had at his Funnel Hacking Live events like Myron Golden, Crisy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Brendon Burchard and so many more.

One of the biggest things that came from this event, was the emphasis on storytelling for your business and really relating to your audience. I have talked about the attractive character before and how to use that in your email marketing but this is something that applies to everything you do for your business.

If there is anything that you take away form this blog post or anything else I have talked about in the past. Remember, Hook, Story, Offer.


Scrolling online, from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube or even Tik Tok there so much out there and everyone is trying to sell you something. So, you’re going to need a great hook to make your audience stop in their tracks and want to see what you have to say.


We’ve touched on this a little bit before in previous blogs and posts but telling your story and relating with your audience will go a long way to build that trust and build a relationship with your audience. Doing this right, will turn your audience into raving fans.


Now this is the part of the framework or bridge where you make your offer to your audience. You can do this a few ways but one of the best ways to do this is to have an offer stack. To make that seem a little more simple, I will tell you a little story.

If I told you that I would sell you my brand new BlackBerry KEY2 for $100, chances are, not many will take that offer. As low as that price is there isn’t a lot of demand for BlackBerry phones these days.

Now what if I told you I had all of my training videos on that phone, access to all of the marketing training I have ever taken, something that I have paid upwards of $5000 conservatively for.

Now, What if I told you I had Gary Vee’s personal cell phone number on there and you can call or text him anytime, Same with Alex Charfen, Russell Brunson and Rachel Pedersen. Some of the best marketers in the world and you would have access to them and be able to get help from them when you needed it.

Now, who would pay $500 for that BlackBerry? $1000, $2000? More?

The phone itself isn’t that great but with all of the value that’s in that phone, that makes it worth whatever you are willing to pay for it.

That’s turning your offer into a stack of offers to make it look a lot more attractive.

Now, I mentioned all of the training I have taken and what it cost me and that this can all be found in the Dotcom, Expert and Traffic Secret Books.

What if I said you could get started with the Dotcom Secrets book for free?

That would seem very cheap wouldn’t it?

Just click the button below and trust me, it will be worth the shipping for this free book.

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