Why am I not getting any engagement?

A question I get often is why aren’t you getting any engagement on your posts or no one is engaging in your Facebook group.

The answer is often a very simple one, are you putting out the right content and not spamming your audience?

The first thing we see all too often is the group admin spamming their group and multiple groups with no strategy to their posting and that’s something we talked about a couple weeks ago in our blog post, “Are you spamming your audience?”

The next issue we see happen a lot is people share content and not provide value or a story behind what is being shared. If you’re going to share value from another source you’ll want to add your own value to that and with your own “story” added to the post, you’ll get more people interested in what you’re sharing as well get more engagement.

If you simply share a link from another site or a news story with no context, your engagement is going to fall flat. If you add some context to the article you’re sharing and use a link shortener like Bitly so your link doesn’t take up most of your post, you will start to see some engagement.

If this is something you need a little more help with and aren’t sure how to tell a story in your posts, have a look at Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. This free book will help you with this and so much more. Just click the button below to get your free book!

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