How Active are your Campaigns?

Ok, I’ll admit it, that title is cheesy but it does fit. This week I want to dive a little further into email marketing, building a list and a platform you can do that on, Active Campaign.

We’ve recently talked about Traffic, we’ve talked about your attractive character and we’ve talked about building out your opt in sequence or “Soap Opera Sequence”. Now we’re going to talk about how you’re going to put all of that together and a great tool you can use to market to your audience via email.

As we’ve said before, your social media platforms are just rented spaces and at any point they can go down or just disappear all together. In the last year and a bit all of the Facebook family of apps have all gone down for an entire day and last year for 2 days.

Now, that was just a glitch but what will happen to your business and marketing efforts if both Facebook and Instagram get shut down permanently? I don’t see that happening but there is always a possibility. This is why email marketing is so important because it is traffic you own, just like we talked about in our post about Traffic.

Now there are many different platforms out there that will help you with scheduling emails out, automations and setting up different lists. We have tried a couple now and after making the switch to Active Campaign, there won’t be another platform. 

One issue I had with my last platform was that with multiple lists, series and funnels running I would have to manually update each least daily and move contacts that signed up to one list through a funnel to my main list. Now, that isn’t something that is horrible but it was time consuming and something that could be automated to make my life easier as a marketer.

In comes Active Campaign. Not only does it easily integrate with tons of platforms, you can automate just about everything. If you opt in for one of my funnels and take an offer I have running, AC will automatically move a contact through any list I need. Not only that I have the ability to use Active Campaign as a CRM instead of play for 2 seperate programs.

Is this something you’re interested in? Click the button below and have a look for yourself and see how Active Campaign can help you and your business with a free trial!

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