Let’s talk about the elements of your Attractive Character

A couple weeks ago we had a blog post talking about an attractive character. After we posted, we had a few people asking how they can create one and how to use that for their business. This week we want to answer those questions and dive a little deeper and talk about the elements of an attractive character.

When it comes to your attractive character there are 4 elements to look at. Your backstory, parables, character flaws and polarity.

Let’s first talk about your Backstory.

We all have a backstory, stories that define who we are. This is a great tool to use when it comes to developing your attractive character. When you start to tell this story, there will be a bulk of your audience that will relate with you and because of this, and will trust you even more.

Take my backstory for example, I spent 16 years in a career starting out part time while in school and eventually making my way up to management. Throughout my career I was a part of many aspects of the company including marketing for the main charity event each year. It wasn’t until I was let go that it helped me realize that it wasn’t something I loved and I needed a change.

Talking about my marketing experience both at my previous company and for the charity we partnered with, also opening up about being let will help some relate to me even more and help me when I want to gain my audiences trust.

The next element I want to talk about are parables.

If you happened to see me somewhere talking about a “new book” I just wrote, without any backstory or anything and I asked that you buy it right there on the spot, would you buy that book? Chances are you wouldn’t because you would have no idea what it’s about and I haven’t provided any value to show you that the book would be worth it. Now, if I told you that this book was filled with all the information and secrets that I used to triple my business in the first year, then I would tell you I did more than 5x for my business after that in the next two years with these secrets and tell you how it did that. You would start to consider buying the book now, correct?. 

The difference is instead of just telling you to buy the book, I gave some value in the form or a parable (story) that made the book seem like it was a must have. Using parables with your backstory is an even bigger added bonus to help show your audience that you can provide them value and solve a problem they are currently having in their business.

Another great element to your attractive character is your flaws.

This will be something that will be difficult to talk about but like your back story, this is another way your audience is going to relate with you. If you have gone through my soap opera series you would have read my backstory and in there I talk about being fired from a 16 year career.

That was a failure of mine, and eventually something I did learn from but it’s a flaw in my story and something I had to bounce back from. Sharing flaws, as difficult as that may be will really help you open up to your audience and give them another reason to follow you and relate to you and your character. It’s something that will show them a more personal side of you and your attractive character.

The last element I want to talk about is polarity.

This is something a lot of people and businesses stay away from. It’s something we see a lot of right now in the news and in social media. Take the current situation in the US right now and their President.

Politics is a very touchy subject and when it comes to their president you are either for or against him. As a business that is something we choose to stay away from but there are a lot of brands and businesses that have no problem speaking out about how they feel. Take a marketer like Josh Forti, he’s a very smart and educated man with a great mind for sales. On his platforms he doesn’t hide the fact that he is a huge supporter of the President in the US and talks about that often. When he started to speak up, I’m sure he lost a lot of followers but on the other hand, the followers that he kept are there to stay and will support him and his products even more now.

When it comes to this element, that is a call you will have to make for your business or brand and it’s something you have to stand behind. Don’t, for a lack of a better term “jump on the bandwagon” just to gain a following and then back out on that belief to “jump on another bandwagon”.

We have only just scratched the surface when it comes to talking about an attractive character and if you want to know more, Russell Brunson’s book Dotcom Secrets is what you’ll want to get to dive in even deeper. The best part is the book is FREE. What do you have to lose?

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