Are you spamming your audience?

When it comes to promoting your business or an event online there are many ways you can go about that. You can have a strategy around posting on social media, you can run ads, use groups to get the word out or you can use email and messenger marketing.

These are all great ways to go about marketing your business or promoting an event. However, if you don’t do this properly it can come off as spam and turn your audience off.

When promoting your business or event, let’s talk about social media first. This is an excellent way to get your business or event out to your audience and be visible to the audience you want to be in front of. That said, there is something you should consider. Are you posting too often and spamming your audience with the same content over and over? Using social media is great but posting too often can turn your audience off.

The same thing applies to groups on Facebook. There are a lot of groups business owners are a part of and these business owners are more than likely in multiple groups. With that in mind, posting too much in multiple groups with the same post could also turn people off from your business or the event you’re running.

The next thing we should talk about is using email and messenger to promote your event or business. There is no question that email marketing is a powerful tool, to prove that point, we talked about that in a recent blog post. The same goes for Messenger. With this method though, you should never use it to spam people that are not on your list or that have not subscribed to it.

This has happened to me before and definitely not the way we do things here! It’s definitely not a way we recommend marketing for your business.

With all of this in mind, and if you need help properly promoting an event or your business online, click the link below and book a consultation with us!

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