Is it your goal to own more traffic?

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are 3 types of traffic. Traffic you own, traffic you control and traffic you don’t control. The goal is to turn all traffic into traffic you own.

What do I mean by traffic you own? Before I answer that question, I will ask you this. Do you have an email list and do you use that list often?

Something I have said many times before is that social media is a rented space. What I mean by that is, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok…they are all rented and at any time those platforms can just close up shop.

Before we all start to worry, I don’t see that happening anytime soon but if you remember in the last couple of years. All of the Facebook apps have had times where they have been down for a day and roughly 2 years ago, they went down for 2 full days. That means, while they were down, we weren’t able to post anything. The only exception is there have been many cases on Tik Tok where accounts have been “Thanosed” after going live.

Think about this for a second, if the current social media platforms your marketing on all went away, would your business be ok?

That’s why it’s so important to have traffic you own and that traffic is, yes the followers you currently have but more importantly your email list.

The next form of traffic is traffic you can control. This is traffic that comes from ads you purchase online like a Facebook ad or a Google ad. This is traffic that you have bought from Facebook or Google and you don’t own it but you can control it and have this new audience go where you would like them too.

This is typically to a funnel or “squeeze page” you have set up so that you can collect their email and have that traffic become traffic that you own. As an example of this, right now we have an eBook that talks about all the different social media platforms and how to grow on them. In order to get this eBook you have to provide us with an email address so that we can send you that eBook.

Running an ad on Facebook, I am able to take the traffic I control and turn it into traffic I now own. Once I have this traffic I can now nurture it through an email sequence. This is a way to build relationships with your traffic that is now an audience.

Lastly, the traffic you don’t control. This is traffic that finds you from a post you were tagged in, searching you on Google and finding a blog, your website or a post through Facebook. With this type of traffic you have no control over where it came from or how they will act on your pages or social media. 

With this type of traffic you want to have your site and pages optimized so that when this traffic you don’t control finds you, you have a CTA visible for them to see. For example, if someone finds my website from a Google search, the first thing they see is a CTA for my eBook funnel front and center. Although I can’t control that traffic the way I can in a funnel, that option is there for them.

Now that you know the 3 different types of traffic, do you have an email list so that you own more traffic than traffic you don’t? Click the button below and let’s get you set up with an email list of your own so you’re ready to start building a relationship with your new followers!

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