Don’t think your target audience is online?

I recently reached out to a small business owner to offer help with their social media. The conversation we had is something worth sharing and will hopefully help others to not make the same mistake.

In our conversation I recommended this business be more visible online and gave them some tips to why this was so important. Just as I talked about in last week’s blog post. The response I got was shocking. Their target audience is older and mostly not on social media so they felt it was a waste of time.

Although, I do understand having an older audience and using other means to market to them, being visible on social media will ultimately benefit your business in the long term. If your start now to become more visible, you’re reaching your future target audience and starting to build that relationship with them. This way, when the time comes that they will need your product or service, you will already have a stable relationship with them and be in a good place to grow your business.

Failing to be active on social media now will ultimately hurt your business in the long run. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to being active and how to reach your target audience or even your future target audience, we’re offering free consultations to help you grow on social media.

From now till the end of May 2020, you can click the button below and get our free eBook on how to grow on social media as well as book your free consultation.

Can’t wait to get started and chat with you about growing your business.

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