It’s time to grow on Twitter!

Like every other platform, if you want to grow on Twitter you have to engage with other accounts. Being active and engaging with your audience is the best way to grow if you want to do it organically.

Unlike other platforms though, in order to stay visible you will need to tweet a lot more than you post on the other social media platforms. Typically a tweet will last around 20 minutes before it “disappears”. What we mean by that is, it won’t be seen nearly as often after it’s been up for 20 minutes.

This is why we encourage you to tweet and retweet around 15/20 times a day. To do this, there are a lot of ways you can come up with content that your audience will love and want to engage with. One method is to live tweet an event or even a webinar. 

Twitter is great for showing you trending hashtags in any area you want to follow. Using a program like TweetDeck, you can have those trending hashtags in a column next to your timeline. Using these trending hashtags will go a long way to help get you more visible and grow your account.

Using these tips alone will help you grow your account and remember, you want to stay visible and engage. No matter what the platform, social media is all about being social. Make sure you engage with your audience and build those relationships!

Did this help? If you want more tips and help growing on Twitter or any other platform, let’s chat!

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